Bundle up and bunker down with these must-haves on chilly days. 

By Katherine Owen
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Living Room with Light Oak Paneled Walls and Fireplace
Michelle felt that having a single, comfortable family area was key. "I really wanted to make sure we had only one living room and that it also served as the home's TV room, the sitting room—everything," she says. "A TV room can look really nice if you hide the electronics." Everything is hidden behind doors built into the light oak paneled wall. Slide open the large, windowed doors, and the living room quickly almost doubles in size as the space extends directly onto the expansive screened porch. One of Halvorson's favorite pieces is the coffee table. She found an old Spanish door and had sleek iron legs made.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

This year, places like Savannah, Charleston, even Tallahassee have already seen snow, so we know we're in for a brutal one this winter. We're dreaming of days spent by the fireplace, catching up on our 2018 resolution to read more. To get you through some too-cold-to-leave-the-house days (well, weekends maybe), here are some of our favorite cozy essentials.


This is a big idea in "hygge," so you know it works. Since they're the perfect gift, you probably already have some waiting around ready to burn. If not, we have a few suggestions. Or if you want your home to smell like an Anthropologie, light up a Capri Blue "Volcano."

Cozy Textiles

A good snuggly blanket makes all the difference. Upgrade light, summer throws to woven, wooly varities. Size up for extra coziness. Conveniently, Pottery Barn makes a fuzzy throw oversized for comfort.

Mixed Materials

While more of a decorating principle than an item to add to the mix, mixing textures in any room instantly steps up the warmth. Follow Birmingham, Alabama decorator Dana Wolter's lead: She says, "Make sure you have a mix of fabrics, some metal, a raw wood, a stained wood, and a refined element like marble."

Low Ambient Lighting

Much like the candles, the right lighting can do SO much for a room. Swap out bright light bulbs for softer, warmer-hued versions. Leave overhead lights off, while relying on multiple smaller sources, like table and floor lamps. And always—maximize natural light.

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For reading while you're all curled up with that furry blanket, of course! Take a few suggestions from Southern Living's resident book expert, Caroline Rogers, for what to read this winter.

Plush Bathmat

The bathroom may not be an obvious spot to add coziness, but don't underestimate the satisfaction of stepping out of a warm shower onto a plush bathmat during chilly winter months. Style Editor Betsy Cribb says she loves her Penny Textured Bath Rug from Target. (Plus it's a steal!)

Mugs + Cocoa

The coziest treat of all! Grab a mug and mix up some good old fashioned hot chocolate. Try some of our favorite recipes here, or make it extra-special with Williams-Sonoma's peppermint hot chocolate mix. (My personal favorite this year!)