No longer relegated to the field, humble cotton burs top a straw base to yield a surprisingly elegant accent for your door.

Crown this fall wreath with a purple burlap bow for a regal yet rustic touch, or swap in a festive gold or red bow to carry the look through the holidays.

  • Gather Your Materials:
  • Cotton burs (woody bases of cotton bolls), cleaned
  • Hot-melt glue gun and glue
  • Straw wreath form (Ours is 10 inches wide.)
  • Clear spray paint (if desired)
  • U-shaped florist pins
  • 2-inch-wide, wired purple burlap ribbon

Get the Look:
Get cotton burs from a local cotton farmer, or order them online ( or Clean burs, removing cotton fibers. If you like, leave some cotton in the burs to vary the look. Hot-glue burs to the wreath, working around the form and packing them in closely. Fill in any gaps with broken burs. Leave this wreath natural, or spray with several coats of clear spray paint to protect it from the elements. Flip over the wreath, and pin a 10-inch length of ribbon to the top left and right to form a hanging loop. Add a bright bow to complete the look.

Take Care:
You can display this wreath outdoors year-round if it's protected from wind and rain. To clean it, blow off dust with a cool hair dryer.