Get creative with copper, and make attractive topiaries to frame the front door.

Need instant impact at your front door? Accomplish this with an easy-to-create topiary, while also providing seasonal color. Constructed from common copper pipe and inexpensive pots, this unique detail can be made in just a few hours.

STEP 1: Age a 24-inch lightweight decorative pot by covering it with green spray paint. When paint is dry, wipe on coat of medium brown stain with an old rag to tone down the green. If you desire a darker finish, use a light coat of brown spray paint before wiping on stain.

STEP 2: Use concrete to set a 5-foot length of 1-inch copper pipe in center of a plastic 3-gallon container. Use a level to make sure 1-inch pipe is vertical. Set 6-foot length of 1/2-inch soft copper tubing in concrete next to 1-inch pipe.

STEP 3: When concrete dries, loosely wrap 1/2-inch tubing around 1-inch pipe. Cut off excess tubing 1 inch above the pipe.

STEP 4: Use 1/4-inch tubing to make ball on top. Wrap tubing around base of 24-inch pot to form a circle. Cut tubing, leaving a little excess. Bend ends back with pliers, creating a tab on each end of the circle. Repeat for second circle, making it slightly smaller than the first.

STEP 5: Put concrete-filled pot into 24-inch one, and fill with potting soil.

STEP 6: Place tabs on circles created in Step 4 into open end of 1-inch pipe. Use wire to connect point where circles cross.

STEP 7: Using a length of 1/4-inch copper tubing, place one end in 1/2-inch tubing wrapped around 1-inch pipe. Randomly wrap tubing around ball, and return other end to open end of 1/4-inch tubing. Repeat to complete the ball. For stability, bind tubing with copper wire where it crosses.

STEP 8: Plant vine, and weave onto form. Place seasonal annuals under topiary for year-round color.