At first glance, you'd never guess this stylish space is also a laundry room.
Concealed With a Curtain
Credit: Jean Allsopp/Styling: Lisa Powell

There's little about a pile of laundry that says "Welcome home." But because Virginia Hendrick's side entrance houses her washer and dryer, that's exactly what greeted her guests. That is, until she came up with a clever disguise for them.

Most friends and family come and go from this door, which leads to the driveway. Virginia wanted a new look for this space that would be less laundry room and more appealing side entrance. Ten years ago, when she moved into her Atlanta home, she thought a floor-to-ceiling curtain would mask the area, but that looked a little messy. So she came up with this savvy solution.

Convenient Work Surface
A piece of solid maple rests directly on top of the front-loading appliances; it provides a great spot for folding laundry. Because the countertop isn't permanently attached, it can easily be removed if either unit needs repair work.

Curtain Call
Virginia selected a neutral checked fabric to use for the skirt that disguises the washer and dryer. The durable upholstery-weight material is attached to a shower curtain tension rod. The skirt is divided into three sections, making it a breeze to access the appliances.

Defining Detail
Because the laundry area is located just off the kitchen, Virginia selected a similar beaded-board backsplash to visually link the two rooms.

Storage Galore
Across from the washer and dryer is a full wall of cabinets that are painted a crisp white. They extend to the ceiling, providing maximum storage. Filled with vases, china, and cleaning items, the cabinets are a perfectly organized catch-all. Virginia also included open shelving in the design. Rattan baskets on the shelves hold dog accessories and umbrellas.

Keys to an Attractive Laundry Room
If your washer and dryer are located in a high-traffic area, keep the space looking good with these smart and easy solutions.

  • Invest in wicker baskets or attractive metal tins for your detergent and other laundry supplies.
  • Hang plates, fun art, or other accessories on the walls.
  • Install cabinets to keep seldom-used items and less-than-attractive necessities, such as scrub brushes and stain removers, out of sight.