55 Comfy Coastal Cottage Room Ideas

Coastal Dining

Ah, the beach. There are simply few things better than hearing the waves crash from a coastal balcony while watching the sunrise in the morning. Are you dreaming of living in a quaint little beachside cottage? Or are you in the process of designing your home?

Look no further than this list for some great ideas to incorporate into your home to bring a little bit of the beach inside. From oyster chandeliers, and driftwood accents, to bright sitting rooms with daybeds, we've rounded up all the best ideas to consider adding when designing your dream beach cottage. Play up the coziness of your cottage with this color, pattern, and design inspiration.

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Mix Up Pieces

to chairs by window

Shake things up in your living room by choosing mismatched pieces united by a common theme. In this case, it's sea blues and nautical decorative elements. However, don't go too overboard with your nautical decorations (like anchors and starfish), instead, hint to them through the colors or accent pieces you use—such as the soft blues and furniture made of wicker seen here.

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Create a Colorful Kitchen


This kitchen's stainless steel appliances and dark surfaces are expertly balanced by the pale blue cabinetry and sea-inspired backsplash. The iridescent tiles in various cerulean shades catch the light beautifully and led to a similar scheme for the rest of the house. Add wicker chairs for warmth and contrast.

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Add Grand Lighting

Coastal Dining

Make a statement with your lighting like these homeowners did with this 36-inch capiz shell orb over their low-key dining room table. Not only does it cast a warm glow over diners, but also it can be spotted from the shore and gives this beach bungalow a one-of-a-kind look. It will be shore to catch everyone's eye.

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Get Cozy in a Corner

coastal couch corner

This custom sectional piece in a soothing moss green hue fits snugly into a window-filled corner of this room. A stylish large-scale pattern like this traditional damask lends a feeling of warmth to any room. Add a cute ottoman that's perfect for resting your feet, and a wooden side table for added warmth to the bright space.

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Go Rustic With Natural Elements

Annie Schlechter, Writer: Perry Del Favero

This kitchen gets its distinctive look primarily from its location, at the base of a windmill tower on an old sugarcane plantation in the Caribbean. Recreate a similar island effect with natural wood pieces, lush vegetation, and bold floral accents in tropical shades of red, blue, and green.

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Climb Into a Breakfast Nook


This welcoming breakfast nook has a built-in bench with cabinets underneath for extra storage. Pile it high with pillows for a snug spot to watch the water. The woven hanging lamp and pretty patterns offer texture and interest to this small space.

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Add Azure Accents


Without the pops of cobalt blue, this smart seating area's neutral tones would feel a little washed out. Fun patterned pillows with drapery and flowers to match don't take the focus off the main event—the wraparound water view from the windows. Add wooden accents like the stools, side-table, and storage ottoman here to complement the blue hues and add some contrast.

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Display Your Art

sophisticated reading nook

An art collection that includes cultural and nature-inspired pieces from across the globe transforms this simple seating area into a sophisticated hideaway. Include items from your travels in your home, and you'll always have a story to tell. We also love the bookshelf, which makes for the best lazy reading nook. The fireplace along with the wooden accents make for a warm space, perfect for taking a cat nap or diving into a good book.

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Use Natural Coastal Elements

daybed and driftwood table

An extra-large cushioned space for lounging adds a quiet elegance to this simplistic living area. Organic extras such as the driftwood coffee table and decorative beach stones have a natural coastal charm. The art piece ties in the whole room, and will make any space feel more personal.

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Create a Dreamy Bedroom

airy a-line white bedroom

The dramatic high ceilings and mahogany floors in this sparse attic room are timeless. Sheer netting around the bed is a romantic detail that also comes in handy when you leave the windows open on summer nights. Add some flowers and a beautiful vanity, and you've got yourself a room straight out of a Jane Austen novel.

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Add an Assortment of Prints

Light-Filled Living Space by the Coast

Achieve an easygoing vibe in any room with an assortment of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Sweet prints like polka dots and gingham look mellow and fun on woven white chairs like these. Wicker furniture looks great painted or natural and is easily moved around for when you want to mix up your look.

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Simplify Your Design

Tria Giovan, Writer: Perry Del Favero

When you know you're going to be working overtime in the kitchen, simplify the design and let efficiency be your guide. A colorful mixer and a bright dish towel add cheerful color to this neutral space. Such details as twin sconces lend charm.

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Make a Statement With Your Curtains

Tria Giovan, Writer: Perry Del Favero

Floor-to-ceiling window treatments in a graphic print make a statement and frame the view, drawing the focus to the world outside. After all, the beautiful scenery is probably the main reason you live on the coast. Add matching cushions to your chairs, and voila! The perfect coastal dining space it all yours.

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Paint Your Floors


Painted floors only look better with age, and you'll especially love them in a bold color. Kelly green is an ideal counterpoint to wood accents. This is the perfect way to make a bold statement in your beach home—just imagine all the colors you could choose from.

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Draw Inspiration From the Sea


Pay homage to the sea with a bedroom awash with calming blues and ocean accessories such as this mirror framed in oyster shells. A dark wood bed and crisp white chandelier add elegance to the space. Incorporate floor-to-ceiling curtains add height and elongate the space

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Add Bold Color to Your Living Room


Invigorate your living area with a serious splash of color and fun details such as these iron lamps. The decor lets guests know to get ready for a good time, but it's the comfy couch that gets them to stay awhile. Add wood pieces for warmth and contrast.

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Style Your Selected Hue

coastal living room
Roger Davies, Writer: Perry Del Favero

When using a single color, stick with white walls and ceilings to keep from overdoing it. Vary the patterns and hues as well to prevent the look from being too monochromatic.

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Bring the Outside In


Borrow some beauty tips from Mother Nature with organic accents that really warm up a room. The clamshell-shaped bowls, the driftwood coffee table, and fresh flowers are the perfect natural elements to make your feel guests feel like they're not too far from the beach. Big windows will aid in letting the light in and connecting the outside with the inside.

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Build a Sleek and Simple Kitchen

simple kitchen

White cabinetry and tile give this kitchen a light and airy look as timeless as the sea. It won't seem overly sterile if you include lively vintage accents, such as a farmhouse sink and retro metal barstools.

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Make Your Kitchen Fun and Functional


Cooking a meal can be a social event with a bit of creative kitchen planning. This prep sink is centrally located, so the conversation doesn't ever have to stop, which makes this kitchen an entertainer's dream. We also love the beachy color scheme they chose to go with, along with a cute art piece that brings it all together.

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Go Green


A clean colorless background allows you to have a little fun with your cabinetry. This cool Key lime hue really pops and is as refreshing as it is sweet. Incorporate some subtle and simple decor, like the fish behind the stovetop, to add a little extra touch of spunk.

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Try Open Shelving


Open shelving puts your kitchen accessories on display, but keep them in the same color family for a major style boost. A painted island adds a splash of color, that is carried out throughout the house. The metal chairs and light fixtures create a sleek and glossy look to the kitchen.

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Add Some Kitchen Flair


Open shelving adds clever storage to a small space without making it feel crowded. A flirty light fixture gives this kitchen a twist of unexpected fun. If you go with a white background for your walls, ceilings, and floors, incorporate a color scheme throughout your kitchen.

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Welcome in Your Guests

bright living room
Dominique Vorillon, Writer: Perry Del Favero

Give your home a lived-in look for a welcoming feel using kid-friendly seating, covering your tabletops with books and curios, and letting in some sunshine. People will be happy to sit and stay awhile, as long as there's comfortable furniture around. Adding some interesting and personal pieces around can also spark conversation and welcome fun discussions with your closest friends and family.

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Consider Coastal Pastels

Richard Leo Johnson, Writer: Perry Del Favero

Soothing pastels have a universal appeal, especially in a coastal setting where relaxation is key. Colors that reflect the beach are a natural fit with these decorative coral accents and parading sea star pillows. These beautiful accent colors make the white room feel playful, yet serene.

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Add a Little Luxury to Your Bathroom


Take a bathroom from basic to basically your favorite room in the house! Surprise additions, like this shell-patterned chaise and vintage dresser-turned-vanity, insert a little luxury into your morning routine. The backsplash in the walk-in shower truly takes center stage here in this airy, light-filled bathroom. The clawfoot tub adds an extra lavish touch.

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Install an Oyster Chandelier


Leave the color to the landscape having a primarily white interior. The funky oyster-shell chandelier has the right amount of attitude to make sure this dining room doesn't look washed out while having the right amount of coastal charm. Add extra pops of color with vases filled with colorful flowers.

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Use Patterns with Panache

warm dining space with patterned rug

The quirky combinations in this chic dining room, like a Persian rug paired with chocolate and cream paisley curtains, only work because they're allowed to stand out. Meek prints need not apply! Add a few pieces of art to create an elegant space.

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Repurpose Vintage Finds for a Unique Look

White beachy bedroom with wood white-washed closet doors and small side tables and chairs
Richard Leo Johnson, Writer: Perry Del Favero

An ivory bedroom lends serenity to your sanctuary. Kick it up a notch with details the eye just can't miss, like this rustic door repurposed as a headboard, and a sweet piece of coastal art above the bed. Paint your floors for an added pop of color, that will leave you feeling refreshed every time you walk into the room.

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Build in a Bench

True Blue
Annie Schlechter, Writer: Steele Marcoux and Lydia Somerville

Fluffy pillows covered in lively John Robshaw prints and a Lee Jofa ikat bring softness to this breakfast room's strong, industrial furniture. Add a bench to your kitchen dining area to create a serene and peaceful space, that will welcome you every morning. Glass cabinets allow you to showcase some of your favorite pieces while continuing the color scheme and design of the room.

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Go Organic

organic vibe
Lisa Romerein, Writer; Rachel Bertone

This simple platform bed feels welcoming covered with cozy organic linens. The natural feel is enhanced by a tree trunk bedside table, lots of natural light streaming through large windows, and a door that leads to the back patio. Add a precious bedside lamp like the one shown for late-night reading.

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Let in Lots of Light

lots of light
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

Wall-to-wall windows allow for the enjoyment of gorgeous ocean views. Simple bamboo furniture adds a touch of warmth to the predominantly all-white space. The comfy couch and chairs will have people wanting to stay in all day.

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Complement Your Space with Blues

Complementing Blues
Annie Schlechter, Writer: Steele Marcoux and Lydia Somerville

Be daring with bold prints and colors. In this den, shades of blue harmonize without being matchy-matchy. A 19th century grotto chair (on the left) shares the stage with a 1930s Frances Elkins Loop Chair.

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Open Up Your Space

Swanky Space
Jeff McNamara, Writer: Suzanne Gannon

The modern, chic kitchen features walnut shelves instead of the old upper cabinets that made the room feel smaller. A large white lantern is a whimsical touch. Open the doors to let a little fresh salt air in.

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Take a Breather

Breathing Room
Jeff McNamara, Writer: Suzanne Gannon

For this small, cramped house, the homeowners' added a vaulted Carolina pine ceiling, glass doors, and large windows to let in light and to allow the small home to breathe. The weaved rug adds major texture to this sleek space. Lighting is strategically placed throughout.

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Get an Antique Appeal

Antique Appeal
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Susan Stiles Dowell

Vaulted ceilings give this simple bath an elongated, light, airy feel. The claw-foot tub and vintage desk lend old-school charm. It's not your typical bathroom set up, but that's just what we like about it.

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Try a Monochromatic Style

simple white bathroom
Timothy Street-Porter, Writer: Rachel Bertone

Sometimes simple is better. The monochromatic bath features a beautiful footed tub, along with a waterproof woven-vinyl floor.

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Go Bright and White

bright and white living room
Timothy Street-Porter, Writer: Rachel Bertone

White-paneled walls accented with plush, neutral furniture create an inviting and cozy feel in this living room. Large windows let in natural light to complete the simplicity of the space. The woven rug adds texture, and the ottoman and wooden door makes the space feel warm.

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Repurpose Your Space

Repurposed Space
Richard Leo Johnson, Writer: Rachel Bertone

This bright bedroom was actually created by enclosing a part of the homeowners' wraparound porch. Abundant windows and a sloped ceiling embrace the beachy, outdoor feel. Add pops of color like the green bedding, gorgeous artwork, and wooden dresser for a beautiful style.

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Go Graphic with Your Floors

Graphic Floors
William Abranowicz, Writer: Steele Thomas Marcoux

A bold black-and-white faux bois treatment on this kitchen floor looks almost too pretty to walk on. The hand-painted pattern takes the traditional wood floors from standard to striking. On the mahogany countertops, a clear coat of varnish lends a nautical look.

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Add Pebbled Floor

Pebbled Floor
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Rachel Bertone

The homeowners covered this bath floor with river rocks for a natural twist on traditional flooring. Radiant heating underneath keeps toes toasty warm. Add wood accents to continue the au natural look.

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Add an Oriental Flair

dining room with lots of windows and an oriental rug
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

The homeowners incorporated an ornate Asian rug into the dining room to add international flair to this seaside space. It warms the room and brings a traditional element into the cottage home. Large windows open the space and welcome views, sunlight, and coastal breezes.

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Create Classic Charm

Classic Charm
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Susan Stiles Dowell

Open shelves, a vaulted ceiling, and reclaimed heart-pine countertops give this kitchen a welcoming, vintage feel. The wooden flag hanging above the window adds an Americana vibe to the coastal space. Consider painting your cabinets a fun color, like this beautiful green color.

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Incorporate Functional Style

Functional Style
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Rachel Bertone

A large, galley-style kitchen is a perfect fit for a modern beach cottage. The planked wood siding, marine-chic pendant lights, and light blue cabinets enhance the coastal style.

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Dream the Day Away with a Daybed

day bed by window looking out to the coast in sitting room
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

For unique seating, turn a vintage iron bed into a comfortable porch sofa. Dressed simply with a coverlet, it feels pretty and relaxed. It's also the perfect spot for an afternoon nap!

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Peaceful Place

white and airy kitchen
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

A small, simple, all-white kitchen gets some personality with a Dutch door and a playful patterned rug. With an all-white space, it really is important to add some color. The wooden stool and bucket of flowers do just the job.

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Relax in a Calming Sunroom

bright and white sitting room
Timothy Street-Porter, Writer: Rachel Bertone

A calming sunroom is a perfect place to chill out—especially when it looks out to the coast. Natural textures like sea grass, leather, and lacquered wood keep a colorless room from going flat. The rug along with the wicker ottoman adds texture to this space.

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Be Bold with a Bright Sofa

Bold Tranquility
Peter Murdock, Writer: Steele Thomas Marcoux

A bright blue sofa with fun, patterned pillows breaks up the all-white palette of this beachside living room. The circular woven rug adds texture and interest. Tie it all together with a cute piece of art, and a vase of flowers—and be sure to leave the windows open for a fresh breath of beachy salt air.

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Make Your Room Feel Homey

Cypress wood walls, rocking chairs, and muted colors enhance the homey feel.
Jean Allsopp, Writer: Anna Lee Gresham

A mix of casual upholstered furniture and antiques make this room inviting without looking overly rustic. Cypress wood walls, rocking chairs, and muted colors enhance the homey feel. A few throw blankets and pillows create the comfort you'll desire.

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Add a Fresh Spin

Fresh Spin
William Abranowicz, Writer: Steele Thomas Marcoux

For a modern twist on Colonial classics, the designer chose a large, bright blue braided rug and seat covers based on minimalist paintings. English and early-American antiques, such as the dining table and chairs, contrast with the contemporary painted ceiling that brightens the room.

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Design the Perfect All-American Kitchen

All-American Kitchen
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

Authentic blue tile provides the perfect backsplash for this classic colonial kitchen. Honed stone countertops and a butcher-block island give the space personality and warmth. The wood chairs with blue accents add interest to the space.

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Don't Forget the Details

Charming Touch
Richard Leo Johnson, Writer: Rachel Bertone

Small details can make a big impact! The pretty detailing, soft blue color and conch shell knob of the screened pantry door add casual, beach cottage style to the kitchen. Consider tiled countertops for an extra splash of color.

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Add in French Doors

Coastal View
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Susan Stiles Dowell

In the natural-hued dining room, French doors open to a screened porch with stunning water views. Sophisticated chair covers add to the simple elegance of the space. The driftwood on the table is the perfect detail to incorporate a little extra coastal charm.

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Pair Navy and White

Natural Navy
Tria Giovan, Writer: Rachel Bertone

It doesn't get more coastal than a navy-and-white pairing. Don't be afraid to enhance the combination with a mixture of graphic prints, like the striped chair cushions and patterned rug in this dining room. Display your most-loved dishes in a wooden chest like the one here.

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Customize Your Kitchen

Custom Creation
Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn, Writer: Rachel Bertone

Floor-to-floor cabinets maximize storage in the contemporary kitchen. The custom green-and-blue tile backsplash provides personality. The all-white walls, cabinets, and marble countertops make the space feel clean and sleek.

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