This creative bedroom is a lot of fun for the boy who lives in it.
Colorful Kid's Kingdom
A castle motif and bright colors make this a kid-friendly space.

Most people with toddlers agree that children are, at times, the true rulers of the house. While Lee Edwards, Jr., might not rule the whole house, he's definitely the king of this castle. Filled with clever furnishings and accessories, this bedroom is not only fun for young Lee, but it also showcases his father's love of all things medieval.

The castle motif solved a problem with the room's design as well. "Lee's bedroom is directly above the foyer," says his mother, Jenny, who is an interior decorator. "The foyer has a tray ceiling that creates a raised area in the bedroom." The solution was to build bunk beds over this potential obstruction.

For the color palette, Jenny wanted to do something different, and she purposefully stayed away from the pastels typically found in children's rooms. To reinforce the theme of the room, she went with bright bold colors much like the banners found at a medieval tournament. Reds, blues, and yellows make the room feel rich and inviting. Along with the vivid accents, she added torch sconces and a chandelier from an antiques store.

The room possesses many features that will allow Lee to enjoy the space as he gets older. The raised bed has a built-in desk and a recessed niche that is the perfect place to store books or coloring supplies. A ladder reaching up to the top bunk is bound to be a place to play.

The window treatments are another great idea. Instead of stapling the simple valances to boards or sewing and hanging them, Jenny attached the fabric triangles to the window frame with fabric fasteners. The small drapery panels on either side of the windows are made from whimsical playing card fabric, edged in navy; the panels hang from gold rings on a black rod.

The playing card fabric also adorns pillows, a chair, and a bolster at the foot of the lower bed. Other plush pillows are covered in red and blue fabrics to coordinate with the bed linens and valances.

Lee's playful castle is definitely fit for a king--or in this case, a little prince.