Meet the Hostess: Christy Ford
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia

On her plate: Running my store, And George, and publishing The Scout Guide books for cities all over the country;

Every Southern dining room should have... A warm, inviting table that serves as a gathering place for family and friends.

Favorite way to personalize a dining room: By bringing in pieces of nature that my kids collect, such as branches, flowers, butterflies, and rocks.

Dining room palette: bold color or muted neutrals? Muted neutrals. I like to let the flowers and accessories be the bold elements.

Dining room table: round or rectangular? Typically, I prefer round for facilitating conversation, but this table, which is new, is more rectangular. I like that I can fit more people around it.

Go-to fabric for upholstering dining chairs: You can't go wrong with leather when you have small children.

Host chairs: do or don't? I don't love them. They're too formal for me.

Favorite flourish in her dining room: My painted floor. The pale green-gray shade brightens the whole space.

Her silver pattern: Antique, very simple. It was a wedding gift— I don't even know the name.

Her china pattern: I never use one full set together. I mix a navy pattern that was my mom's with antiques I collect in the turquoise color family.

Her crystal pattern: I have some William Yeoward wine goblets I like to mix with antiques.

Who's on her Thanksgiving guest list? My extended family, which is very colorful to say the least. My parents are divorced, but we celebrate with both of them and their new significant others. We also include anyone else who doesn't have a place to be that day. They become family. It's never boring!

Last words of advice: Don't worry about polishing every piece of silver. A little tarnish here and there keeps it real.