Just look at that living room.

Season one, episode three of Chip and Joanna Gaines' Fixer Upper: Welcome Home had us seriously ready to move into the beautiful abode featured on the Waco wonders' new series (now streaming on discovery+). Dubbed "Modern Take on Old-World Charm," the episode featured a young woman named Nicole who spent the last five years working abroad before returning to Waco to attend nursing school and to be closer to her loved ones.

"Nicole's style—a blend of European cottage and modern—was so fun to incorporate through architectural details and unique design elements, including the terracotta clay tiled floor and the large arch opening you see right when you walk in," wrote Chip and Jo in a post recapping the episode on the Magnolia blog. "A lot of little details throughout the house really brought Nicole's style to life."

Credit: Lisa Petrole

For us, one of the noteworthy features of Nicole's home was definitely the aforementioned arch that frames her living room. As Jo elaborated on in the episode, she decided to incorporate the archway into Nicole's home's redesign to give her living room some additional character, as well as provide a clear delineation between Nicole's dining space from her lounging space.

While some may think interior arches feel outdated, we think this episode was all the proof we needed to want this architectural flourish for own home. We're all about unique living spaces, and it's hard to get more standout than something as eye-catching as a curved, cut-out wall.

Have you been watching Chip and Jo's new series? Have you been toying with the idea of moving to Waco more seriously by the hour? We feel you, fellow superfans. Here's to hoping we can at least live vicariously through the renovation process with Chip and Jo for many seasons to come.