Affordable Decorating Ideas: Create a Gallery Wall with Art

You don't have to own a Monet to make a statement—just showcase your favorite (affordable) framed prints, photos, and sketches.

Budget Decorating Ideas: Create a Gallery Wall with Art
Decorating Editor Lindsey Ellis Beatty arranged this striking gallery in her kitchen. Photo: Photo by: Laurey W. Glenn, Styling by: Anne Turner Carroll

Put your walls to work supporting an oh-wow collection of art. Your display can be anything from a tightly edited selection of photographs to a wild assortment of prints and 3-D objects. To create your arrangement, follow these tips.

Set a spending limit for each piece.

There are no set rules for style. When buying art, go with what you love.

Scour web sites, thrift stores, and even old books for works to frame.

Framing is not the place to spend a lot. Unify your pieces with inexpensive, simple frames from crafts and hobby stores.

Measure the allotted Wallspace, and mark that area on the floor.

Experiment with the hanging arrangement until you get the look you like.

Our Favorite Southern Artists on Etsy

  • Laura Trevey: Don't miss the pretty landscapes and custom house paintings from this Richmond, Virginia, artist.
  • Mitchell Long: This New Orleans artist paints classic Impressionistic scenes of city life.
  • Marissa Vogl: Bright color and energetic swirls of paint make it hard to believe this Charleston, South Carolina, painter has a section of original oils under $50.
  • Golly Bard: This Upperville, Virginia, artist's original works, inspired by curiosity about natural history, have a whimsical twist.
  • Ande Cook: A children's-book illustrator on the side, this Blue Ridge, Georgia, artist creates folk art paintings in vibrant colors for a modern edge.
  • Chad and Shelly Loriot: This husband-and-wife team from Bessemer, Alabama, sells custom watercolor portraits beginning at $50.
  • Sarah Giannobile: Original, colorful, geometric prints and paintings influenced by travels and dreams abound in this St. Louis-based shop.
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