Reflect the moonlight with light colors, and carve out a fantastic look.

Give your globes of orange an update this year – go white. From creamy green to very vanilla, these members of the gourd family offer a refreshing alternative to traditional orange. They're pretty already, but they become spectacular when carved.

Tip: Can't find what you're looking for? Paint over an orange pumpkin with white shoe polish – you'll love the matte finish.

1. Good to the Core
Piled-up pumpkins are nothing new, but this display will set yours apart. Pick a smooth-sided favorite, and then use an apple corer to cut out evenly spaced plugs.

2. Sweet on Swirls
The hardware store may not be the first place you'd think of looking when it's time to carve a pumpkin, but it's where we found our tools. We used a linoleum cutter to create these elegant curves. We then used a power drill fitted with 5⁄8- and 1⁄4-inch bits to make holes.

3. A Different Approach
Save a great-looking stem by cutting an opening on the side or bottom of your pumpkin. To decorate, trace around the edge of a leaf with a pencil. Then, following the pencil marks, remove the top layer of skin with a linoleum cutter. Make other lines for the leaf veins. Use a power drill to make holes outside your motif.