Check out this breakfast room that takes the standard look up a notch. Literally.
Breakfast Room Table
Keep the furniture minimal but not miniature. Choose an adequate-size table and chairs, and let them stand alone. Dinky furniture only makes the room uncomfortable.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Small rooms have big problems when it comes to furnishing and decorating. How much furniture is too much? Should I hang one large painting or several little ones? Does this color make the room look smaller? Calm down, and take a deep breath. Chances are, the solution is right above your head.

Moving On Up Think in 3-D. Take advantage of your space's height. This petite breakfast room has a lot more headroom than footprint, thanks to a cathedral ceiling, but the area still could have seemed claustrophobic. The shelves on either side of the fireplace draw the eye up into the space and add interest with books and display items. The trick here is having shelves that don't go completely to the ceiling. That would have visually pulled the ceiling down into the space.

The arch that bridges the sides serves two purposes. Not only does it help to frame and give scale to the painting above the fireplace, but it also moves the eye from side to side. Without the arch, all the visual interest would have stopped at the top of each unit. Now, the look flows up and over, keeping things moving. Think of it as a path. Just as you need a clear path to move around the room, the eye needs a visual path to flow easily around the space.

Raise the Blaze With the table being relatively close to the walls, fitting in a fireplace was tricky. At floor level, it would have been hidden by the table. So it is elevated to just above table height. A modern, lighter-weight firebox makes this a cinch. Gas logs help to regulate the temperature so the flame can be for function or fashion, perfect for a winter breakfast or a romantic supper for two.