With contrasting colors and a multicultural look, this room is the center of attention.
Bold Colors: Eclectic Family Room
Sophisticated shades of gray on the walls and ceiling provide a cool backdrop that contrasts with the artwork and bold apple green accents.

Cast your eyes on this dynamic former garage. It has evolved with the homeowners' needs, first becoming a project room and indoor play area and now serving as a contemporary family room. Filled with refreshing color and eclectic art, it has a dramatic, global impact.

The homeowner, a former art museum curator, decided to use a shade of cool gray on the walls and an even lighter shade on the ceiling.

Contrasting with the gray is a dramatic black-and-white color scheme in various designs. Apple green offers an eye-catching accent. When used in conjunction with more dominant black and white, the result is refreshing.

The furniture lines are clean and simple; accessories have a strong cultural emphasis. African masks, statues, and other artifacts are displayed next to contemporary art with ease, signifying a universal connection in periods and design styles.

"We like to incorporate the works of many artists," the homeowner says. "The result is an environment where the things we love are functional and aesthetic."

Source Information:
Architecture by George Israel, Israel and Associates, Inc., Homewood, Alabama, (205) 803-0075.