2009 Southern Home Awards | Best New Home

Chesapeake Bay
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This bayside Maryland home trumped more than 200 entries in our annual Southern Home Awards. Here's why it won and what you can learn from its distinctive style.

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Statuesque beauty

Chesapeake Bay pitched gables
Laurey W. Glenn

With its identically pitched gables and dormers, vertical siding, and elongated windows, the front of this stylish house resembles an unflinching sentry standing at attention.

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Chesapeake inspiration

Chesapeake Bay legacy
Laurey W. Glenn

The inspiration for the home's winning design came from small structures that have lined the shores of the Chesapeake Bay for centuries.

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Transparent tower

Ultimate Sunroom
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Viewed from the back, the Grahams' waterfront home is nearly transparent―open porches on the first floor catch breezes and large sheets of glass wrap the corners on the upper floors.

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Winning homeowners

Chesapeake Bay
Laurey W. Glenn

Homeowners Marilyn Lyons and Clark "Corky" Graham wanted to build a home that would please not only themselves, but also their children and grandchildren.

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Personalized design

Chesapeake Bay
Laurey W. Glenn

Architect Wayne Good first asked the homeowners to write a portrait of themselves and their lifestyle.

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Sleek study

Chesapeake Bay
Laurey W. Glenn

Modular, built-in shelving; an ample work surface; and clean-lined cabinets keep everything organized in the study.

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Private seating

Chesapeake Bay master sitting area
Laurey W. Glenn

Corky and Marilyn's master sitting area, which occupies the second level of the tower, is linked to their bedroom by an enclosed bridge.

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Panoramic views

Chesapeake Bay pavilion
Laurey W. Glenn

On the first level of the tower, a pavilion offers panoramic views of the South River and Chesapeake Bay.

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Triple-hung windows

Chesapeake Bay
Laurey W. Glenn

Ten-foot-tall sheets of 1-inch-thick thermal glass form the corners of the tower.

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