White Rustic Farmhouse
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Moving into a new home can be a joyous occasion, until, of course, you realize it's time to decorate.

From picking out colors and textures, to furniture and appliances, making a house a home can be a truly daunting task, which is why it's often helpful to look to social media for inspiration. And thanks to Joybird's new national analysis, finding the interior design you've been looking for is easier than ever.

According to Joybird, it analyzed per capita Instagram hashtag usage data from all of 2017 to find nine of the most popular interior design hashtags, including our favorite, #FarmhouseStyle.

"TV shows like Fixer Upper have helped revive the popularity of farmhouse style," Joybird explained in its analysis. "This classically rural trend is no longer limited to the farm, in fact, distressed barn doors regularly pop up in the bedrooms of some of America's most stylish homes."

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For your own farmhouse style inspiration, Joybird found that you should be looking for photos and styling in cities like Fayetteville, Arkansas, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Hartford, Connecticut, which all ranked as the top three cities for #FarmhouseStyle on Instagram.

More major Southern cities made the list as well –since they did invent the farmhouse style after all– including Nashville and Knoxville Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Louis Missouri. Other cities in the top 10 included Providence, Rhode Island, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Though we are sure you can find all the photo inspiration you need on your own, here are 10 stunning images to start with on your journey to perfecting your unique #FarmhouseStyle. Trust us, these go way beyond Joanna Gaines' favorite shiplap motif.

If you need more farmhouse style inspiration we have you covered, too. Just check out these modern farmhouse design plans, and peruse this extremely handy guide to help you master classic farmhouse decorating.