Nothing compares to the texture, warmth, and interest this material brings to a home.
The Beauty of Indoor Brick
Credit: Robbie Caponetto / Stying: Rose Nguyen

Jo Beth Kavanaugh loves restoring older houses. Her 1925 Arts and Crafts residence in the heart of downtown Chattanooga is a shining example of the past and present coming together in a fusion of rich history.

"What brings me joy is the creative process," Jo Beth says. "I really love taking these solid, old places that few appreciate and turning them into homes that many value. One thing I have learned," she continues, "is that when it's old, it doesn't have to be perfect. If the character is good, it's fine. You have to be flexible and open to the personal touch each element brings."

Renewing a Room
As a matter of fact, Jo Beth is leading her own personal charge to refresh and rebuild older neighborhoods. While restoring her own home, she uncovered four fireplaces and considers them a wonderful connecting design. The floor-to-ceiling brick fireplaces in the upstairs bedrooms were once completely hidden from view, having been disguised by plaster and paint in the mid-1950s.

"I like uncovering natural brick in the home," Jo Beth explains. "It contributes many elements to a room and gives an old-world feel. When I work on other houses, I expose the brick where I can and try to take it back to what it was originally."