Barrie is known for a curated yet bold mix of traditional and modern styles.

Designer Barrie Benson
What She's Wearing:Giambattista Valli silk skirt, J.Crew tee, vintage belt, and Oscar de la Renta earrings.
| Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

Q. How does fashion influence your interiors?
A. My design aesthetic and personal style are unavoidably similar. I mix clean silhouettes with bold prints and am always looking for great statement accessories to complete the look.

Q. Favorite place to shop?
A. In Charlotte, Capitol for investment pieces and Poole Shop for dresses. Zara is great for super-trendy items, and I am a fan of Meredith Wendell belts and bags.

Q. What are you buying this summer?
A. Anything in neon yellow or chartreuse. I'm on my third year wearing these colors and not sure the love affair will ever end. I also like Opening Ceremony's new spring collection. I have a shirt from there that I am dying to make into a pillow!

Q. The must-have for every Southern lady?
A. Her manners! Before my kids step out the door, I ask them if they have their manners in their pockets.

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