This couple completed a redo that's just right for family and guests.
Appealing Bath Update
With the wall and doorway now removed, the bath is more spacious and user-friendly.

After deciding to overhaul this bath by incorporating a design that caters to their family, these homeowners turned an ordinary renovation into something upbeat and playful.

Charting Their Course
Originally, John and Wendy Huhn's home contained an upstairs bath that begged for a face-lift. While all the plumbing worked well, the tub and water closet, along with a separate vanity, appeared nondescript and confining. So, the home-improvement challenge for this Orlando family was to create a more spacious bath that appeals to both kids and guests.

The couple decided to remove the wall and doorway separating the vanity. Assisted by PSG Construction, John and Wendy gained a second sink and additional counterspace as well as a more direct path to the tub and water closet. "We replaced the plumbing fixtures but kept the same location," explains Paul Gidus of PSG. "This move enabled us to reuse the existing pipe and drain lines."

Focusing on the vanity, the Huhns selected new cabinetry that's as functional as it is attractive. Topped with double sinks separated by cultured marble countertops, the mahogany-stained base cabinets contain ample space for toiletries and towels. Likewise, extra storage and display space can be found above in a matching stained shelf unit that sits between two wood-framed mirrors. The sinks are illuminated by handsome chrome and frosted glass sconces, attached directly to the mirrors. New ceramic tile flooring completes the look.

Swayed by the Sea
To make this bath more kid-friendly, designer Jennifer Haddock turned to the family's love of the outdoors and water for inspiration. A pale blue wallpaper, dotted with fanciful fish, establishes a seafaring feel that's perfect for this space. "To introduce another texture, I also added beaded board to the walls," Jennifer says. This material, capped with trim, continues the line established by the vanity counter and backsplash around the entire bath; it also creates a definite boundary for the wallpaper.

Following Jennifer's lead, the Huhns maintain this nautical theme with well-chosen objects throughout the room--from towels and bath accessories with imaginative underwater scenes to colorful fish prints and real seashells. Still, the handsome and richly stained vanity cabinetry prevents the mood from becoming too fishy. Now, whether for kids or company, this fun and lively bath provides anyone with a swimmingly good time.