Timeless classics are having another moment in the spotlight.

Laurey W. Glenn

These days you can buy everything online—from dinner to porch plants. Now, for click-happy bargain hunters, antiques are part of that mix too, with a whole host of sites that auction and sell timeless pieces, curated conveniently for your dust-free viewing pleasure. When you find yourself needing a new-to-you antique to add the perfect pinch of patina to a space, you no longer have to rob Mama's house. (Though if she's offering…) Websites like One Kings Lane, Chairish, Everything But The House, and 1st Dibs, are adding–or exclusively selling–antiques and collectibles.

This also makes it easier to find out what everyone's buying right now—and boy are they buying good stuff. Classic pieces will always be in style, but there's no doubt even antiques have trends too. We chatted with Blair Douglas, the Senior Buyer for the vintage team at One Kings Lane, to find out some of the most sought after antiques today. Read on for pieces and styles that are on everyone's wish list this year:

1. Vintage Textiles

Douglas says bright and bold textiles, garments, and weavings are having quite the moment right now. She says this includes items from all over the world like Indian embroidered textiles, South and Central American serapes, Peruvian blankets, African textiles, and Japanese embroidered silk and kimonos. "We're seeing consumers expanding the use of these fun textiles beyond just pillows and upholstery, as they are using weavings and fragments as framed wall-hangings, mounting garments and kimonos," Douglas says. "These handmade pieces are works of art and we're seeing them being displayed as such."

2. Chinoiserie

"The trend of Chinoiserie has been here for a while and doesn't seem to be going anywhere," Douglas says. (Southerners can attest to that!) "The classic vintage and antique Chinoiserie is timeless, and we're seeing it on large painted screens, bold patterned textiles, and birdcages everywhere!"

3. Italian Glass Lighting

"Ultra-femme, statement-making lamps and chandeliers are very popular at the moment; we love the glamour and sparkle these add to a room," Douglas says. She adds that rich or pastel colors with an addition of flecks of gold, in a style called "Avventurina," is especially a favorite now.

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4. Natural Elements

Here's another Southern favorite: "Caned, woven, wicker, rattan furniture is back and we're seeing it sell in all types of styles, from preppy to Mid-century Modern," Douglas says. "These 1950s-1980s pieces speak to a desire for natural textures in decor."

5. Navajo and Southwest Style

Douglas says antler and stag accessories are best sellers. "This look creates a well-collected, Western feel that we love," she says. "We're seeing that people are attracted to Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery, turquoise inset accents, unique rattles, hammered Southwest silver, wedding baskets, and turquoise for a pop of color."