Nestled in the woods, this charming Craftsman-style home takes full advantage of amazing views.

Tree houses aren't just for kids. Even grown-ups can relate to that giddy feeling of surveying the world from the highest branch. Add a tranquil body of water, and you have a picture-perfect space, no matter your age.

This Place Is Tops
Perched high above the Severn River in Sherwood Forest, Maryland, this Craftsman-style home is configured like a layer cake, with a playroom and storage area on the ground floor, bedrooms and a home office on the middle level, and the main living area on top. With each consecutive floor, the views only get better. "The home nestles into the natural slope of the property and was designed to save as many trees as possible," explains architect Donald Lococo. "Its from-the-top-down nature not only respects the property's lush, natural surroundings, but it also doesn't block the views already claimed by neighboring houses."

Set Your Sights on This
Approached by a bridge from the parking court, the main level consists primarily of a 21- x 45-foot room containing the kitchen and living area. "Once you've entered, a ribbon of windows provides a panoramic view of the property," says Donald. Further opportunities for sightseeing can be found on a comfy screened porch located at the back of the main room.

"2007 Southern Home Awards: Best New Home" is from the October 2007 issue of Southern Living.