Here are the pros, cons, and comparisons!

By Southern Living Editors

When it comes to covering up those windows, there are two main roads to choose from. So, which window treatments are better for your buck? The argument is curtains vs. blinds. Let's begin with the obvious question: what costs more? Usually blinds take the cake for affordability. To cover eight windows, blinds can range from $345 to $750 in total. Curtains, however, can go from $400 to $2,000! Now that we've figured out price tags, let's see which brightens up your day more.

Another point goes to blinds for light control. While curtains are either open or closed, blinds serve as a dimmer for that glorious sunshine. Most curtains can reduce heat loss up to 10% in the winter, and on those hot summer days, highly reflective blinds can decrease heat gain by about 45%.

When it comes time to clean, curtains may be more of a housekeeping hassle. Blinds gather dust that's easily swiped away. Curtains can become stained or moldy – especially if hung in the kitchen or bathroom. Durability matters, too. Blinds stand the test of time, while curtains may become ripped or moth eaten. Between the stains and tears, you could find yourself investing in more curtains than you originally intended. But, when it comes to decorating, curtains are a Southern style staple. Blinds are often found in whites or solid colors, while curtains come in a variety of patterns and designs. A quality set of curtains can certainly make or break a room.

Which reigns supreme? The choice is yours! If the budget's available, you could always get both. Either way, they've got you (and your windows) covered.