Boost Curb Appeal With Potted Hydrangeas

Welcome these seasonal showstoppers to the front yard.

Front yards blooming with showy hydrangea shrubs can be dreamy, but there are other ways to enjoy these favorite flowers at home. Enter the container garden. Containers are a beautiful way to bring hydrangeas into your garden without the in-ground commitment.

Defining Moment

Dress up a front porch with pots of French hydrangeas. This popular shrub also grows well in containers when given morning sun, afternoon shade, and regular water. Line the steps with a mix-and-match collection of neutral vessels planted with mophead blooms in various colors for a dramatic display.

Pink French Hydrangeas in container with English Ivy
Hydrangeas can handle only morning sun, or they will wilt. Water early in the morning. Avoid doing so at midday, as the hot sun can burn their leaves. Robbie Caponetto; Produced: Mark Thompson; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Winning Combo

Prep the patio for spring with a vibrant arrangement that reblooms year after year. Pair compact pink French hydrangeas with wilder variegated English ivy. Both prefer a shady spot and regular water. Trim the evergreen ivy periodically so it stays tidy. Cut back hydrangeas after they have finished flowering in fall and before they set new buds in early spring (between November and January) to keep them healthy.

French Hydrangea Container Garden
Robbie Caponetto; Produced: Mark Thompson; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Putting Down Roots

Brighten the yard with billowy blooms. A large pot gives roots plenty of room to grow. Water thoroughly to perk up droopy flowers. If a planter with holes at the bottom is placed on top of soil or pea gravel, the roots will grow into the ground over time, making the display a permanent part of the garden. This will help keep plants hydrated longer.

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