22 Front Door Paint Ideas for an Instant Exterior Refresh

Farmhouse Red Door
Photo: Alison Miksch

You've cleaned your house from top to bottom and updated your landscaping with flourishing plants and florals, but your home is still missing something. You're in luck if you want an easy way to update your home's curb appeal.

Adding a fresh coat of paint to your front door is a quick way to transform your home's appearance and create a welcoming entrance. Punchy hues of turquoise, green, blue, and yellow will give your exterior a wow-worthy look in no time. Your home will be known as the house with the (fill-in-color) door. For statement-making front door paint colors, try one of these suggestions that complements your home's exterior.

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Freshen Your Front Door

Gone are the days of boring, neutral doors. Brighten your home with a fresh coat of paint for your front door! These vibrant shades, like glossy red and china blue, will make your home's exterior the neighborhood's focal point. Find the perfect match for your house.

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Schoolhouse Red Door

Brilliant Red Front Door on a Light Blue House with Containers of Hydrangeas
Laurey W. Glenn

Consider a red schoolhouse door if your front yard blossoms with blue hydrangeas. It catches the eye and plays off the naturally complementary colors of its surroundings. A neutral, white brick or clapboard exterior will allow this door to be the main focal point.

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Classic Blue

Blue Door
Hector Sanchez

A stunning cobalt blue door provides a classic, traditional pop of color. The matching blue pots are a brilliant addition to the look. Try surrounding the front door entrance with bright sunshine-colored florals for a varied color palette.

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Garden Green Door

Green Door
Hector Sanchez

A bright green gives a cheery welcome. The shiny paint reflects the lantern pendant's flame, giving it a stunning nighttime appearance. The natural tones of this earthy green highlight your home's landscaping, so make sure to plan your yard accordingly.

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Brilliant Turquoise Blue

Turquoise Door
Laurey W. Glenn

This refreshing hue perfectly complements the brass hardware and container gardens bursting with yellow blooms. Adding such a bright color to your front exterior establishes a friendly atmosphere on your front porch. If space allows, carry shades of turquoise or blue throughout the front porch for a cohesive look.

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Traditional Red Door

Red Door
Hector M. Sanchez

This red door, paired with the white exterior, creates a patriotic look that works well with traditional colonial houses. Balance your home's exterior with a mix of blue shades to avoid an overbearing thematic decor. Red paint naturally draws a viewer's eye and attention.

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Navy Blue Door

After: Historic Single House Front Exterior
Photo: Francesco Lagnese

This navy blue door dazzles next to the subtle green and white trim adorning the house. The brass hardware is an absolute no-brainer with this palette. Using a dark front door color draws your focus and allows the other elements to shine.

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Terrific Teal

Teal Door
Hector M. Sanchez

If you can't tell whether this door is blue or green, that's because it's a little bit of both. Equal parts of these hues create one happy-looking entry. Flanked by green-trimmed windows, the front door stands on top of a blue-painted floor completing this blended color palette.

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Tomato Red Door

Tomato Red Door
Hector Sanchez

An orangey-red door adds a little fun to a traditional exterior. The muted color palette overall appears lighter because the rustic-yellow exterior creates a brighter complexion. Since this entrance uses many colors, choosing similar flowers ties the space together.

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Easy Light Blue

Light Blue Door
Laurey W. Glenn

Three stunning sets of French doors, illuminated with light-blue paint, complement the home's deeper blue shutters. This light color freshens a space with an easy-going breezy quality. A tonal shift in paint color used on the shutters completes this airy exterior.

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Sunny Yellow

Yellow Door
Laurey W. Glenn

If you paint the door, why not paint the whole house? Yellow and green are just about as fresh as it gets. The sunshine quality of your home will make you smile every time you get home.

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Farmhouse Red Door

Farmhouse Red Door
Alison Miksch

A red brick path and border of red flowers lead the way to this stunning entry. In this big yard, the front door can easily get lost. The vivid red paint ensures the front door will remain a bold focal point–even from the street.

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Make it Tropical

Romantic Stair Step Pots
Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Even if you don't live near the ocean, an island-inspired door will make you feel in a tropical mood. This door, paired with vibrant flowers, remains a focal point. Brushed brass hardware is excellent for this paint color because it continues the weathered-beach look.

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Light Green Door

Summertime Flair!
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

This green door is so subtle that it almost appears grey. The simple infusion of color is perfect for a white exterior if you don't want to disturb the neutral palette. Adding plants near this subtle green door will help introduce color while maintaining its natural quality.

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Try Vermillion

Vermillion Door
Hector M. Sanchez

This bold choice works well with a stucco exterior painted sky blue. The hue also works well with a plain white exterior house. Trying this unexpected color can be intimating, but using vermillion in a small space can have a significant impact.

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Denim Blue Door

Denim Blue Door
Hector M. Sanchez

A deeper blue still brightens an exterior but also adds warmth. Denim blue jeans will never go out of style, so you can expect this paint color to have staying power as well. This front entrance is simply classic, paired with white trim and a tan clapboard house.

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Just Peachy

Peach Front Door
Hector Sanchez

A peach door complements nearby brick and provides contrast to the surrounding white pillars and siding. Next to the reddish-orange brick and trimmed in white, the exterior fits this door perfectly. This statement-making color doesn't need a lot of extra frills to freshen up an entrance.

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Classic Black Door

Charleston Black Front Door
Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

Nothing makes a more dramatic statement than an eye-catching stark black door. This entrance is immeasurably more sophisticated by painting the front door this high-gloss color. Only a simple wooden sconce and unique door knocker are needed to decorate this space as it is perfect.

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Accentuate the Wood

Fall Wreath Front Door Wreath Grain Wreath Harvest Gold Wheat Ears Circle Garland

When considering an update to your front door, consider the beauty that already exists within the wood grains. Hiding a wood door behind a coat of paint obscures one of your home's best features. This neutral alternative to paint allows your house's structure and architectural elements to shine, in addition to your chosen decor.

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Back to Basics

Cypress Garland Around Front Door with Bell Swag Wreath
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Lilt Floral Design

It might not be the most exciting choice for paint color, but white can be precisely what your home's exterior needs to look complete. A fresh coat of white paint, matching the windows and trim, can add a cohesive, crisp appearance. Have fun with this paint color by accentuating the door's hardware or using a wreath to add warmth.

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Embrace Forest Green

Natasha Lawler Charlottesville Home Decorated for Christmas with Lemon Wreath on the Front Door
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Taking notice of your natural surroundings can influence your paint color decisions. A lush, verdant green emulating the forest can add a dimension to your entrance that a neutral color does not achieve. A rich color like olive green works nicely with both dark brick and light exteriors.

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Try Moody Plum

Deep Plum Front Door
Laurey W. Glenn

Try a distinctive color, like a deep purple or plum, to make your house different from any other you've seen. The shade can be fun for holidays or seasons, experimenting with decor and playing off its unique hue. An eggplant-inspired door shines more brightly in direct sunlight.

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Add Some Blush

Lindsey and Grayson Cheek in front of their Wilmington, NC Home with a Pink Front Door
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

There's something sweet about a blush pink door. This inviting paint color works well in sunny climates but can also be a glimmer of light during winter. Dress it up with corresponding florals.

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