Here are five tips for picking the right shade for your front door. 


Committing to a front door color is no casual affair. While it's certainly a quick and easy way to punch up your curb appeal in a matter of hours (one weekend, max) it's no small decision. Your front door is one of the defining attributes of your home. It's the first thing guests see when they arrive and the last as they exit. So no pressure. The task doesn't have to be so daunting though. Here are our go-to tips for narrowing down the color wheel to the best shade for your home:

1. Cast a wide net initially.

Tape a vast variety of different swatches to your front door first. You'll find many of these look different in exterior light compared to how they appeared inside. You might even be surprised by colors you gravitate toward.

2. Watch the clock.

Narrow down your favorite swatches, and go ahead and paint a few test spots if you feel like it. Then, check the door at different times of day, say morning, mid-day, and late afternoon--the light could seriously change the way the color appears depending on the time of day.

3. Look around for inspiration.

What's influencing your home's new look? Is it the greenery by your entrance? The era it was built? The colors of the brick, siding, shingles, or other surfaces? These are all worthwhile factors to consider. Furthermore, Don't just think about your family's style and personality, but also the home's. Is it traditional? Modern? Are there coastal influences? These all factor into choosing a door that is eye-catching, but not visually dissonant.

4. Decide what kind of change you're looking for.

Are you aiming for a totally different look, or just to clean the front up a bit? Sometimes an updated shade of your current color could be the trick. Then again, sometimes you need to cross the color wheel to get that "new door, new home" satisfaction.

5. Pick something you can live with.

Have you been dreaming of a yellow door for years? Or is this an impulse project? We're all for being bold (examples here) but your door is something you have to see day in and day out until you have the time to paint it again. To help, picture your door in all four seasons—will you love that yellow door as much come fall or winter? Or that glossy black one come spring? If so, your heart's in the right place.