Not a stain in sight.

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There’s nothing quite like cozying up to watch a movie at home with a big bowl of popcorn and an icy Coca-Cola (or a hefty pour of wine). That relaxing scene can be ruined the second a dog, child, or your own accidental movement knocks over that drink you were so excited to enjoy. Now, you and your comfy couch are soaking wet, and you have to pause the movie to clean up, change clothes, and switch seats—not the kind of intermission we’re into. Whether it’s hot chocolate in the winter, lemonade in the summer, beer during football season, or sweet tea on a weeknight, no one wants drink stains all over the sofa. That’s where one of the most useful items Amazon has ever brought us comes in.


The CouchCoaster is exactly what it sounds like—a coaster for your couch. And because you can easily put it on and take it off, you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your mod-meets-farmhouse living room décor. The CouchCoaster simply slides on over the arm of your couch for a sturdy and convenient drink holder. Regardless if your couch’s arms are flat or curved, its silicone body will fit, and it comes in black, brown, grey, cream, and red to blend with your room. With this coaster, you can sit back, prop your feet up, and relax knowing your morning coffee or nighttime tea is right there. If you’re settling in for a lazy Sunday (it's okay, we all do it), you basically need a CouchCoaster. Go ahead, binge-watch away.

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Once you buy one, you’ll want one for every sofa and chair in your home. Buy one (or multiple) here. How nice would it be to make it through an at-home tailgate without major spillage? Or for your kids to watch their favorite cartoons without dropping their drink between the coffee table and the couch? The CouchCoaster will save you from countless cleanups.