Our Favorite White Paint Colors for Bedrooms

Six classic shades for sweet dreams.

We're all too familiar with this hot decorating debate: What's the best white paint color? Generations of homeowners have long stressed over the dizzying variations of crisp-and-bright or warm-and-creamy whites on the market. For a relaxing and restful bedroom, white paint is a timeless, toned-down choice that's anything but boring. Most white shades can be divided into three categories: warm, neutral, or cool. Different undertones can lend a different vibe for the overall look of your bedroom. Truth is, there's plenty of good options out there, and finding that "just-right" shade isn't a make or break for designing a beautiful space. Consider how you want your bedroom to feel when selecting a shade. Here, we're saving you the stress of fanning through paint decks with six of our favorite white paint colors for dreamy bedrooms.

Sherwin-Williams Alabaster (SW 7008)
Laurey W. Glenn

Warm Whites We Love

For a soothing escape that feels like a cozy and comfortable hug when you walk in the door, swathe bedroom walls in a pearl- or ivory-tinted hue. Warm and welcoming white shades like creamy Swiss Coffee (OC-45) by Benjamin Moore and soft Schoolhouse White (No. 291) by Farrow & Ball set a serene backdrop for layering rich colors and textures.

Neutral Whites We Love

For print and pattern lovers who want vibrant textiles to take centerstage, choose a pure white as a clean canvas. A neutral white shade acts like a seamless background for colors to pop, and it can also help a smaller space feel larger and lighter. Popular Alabaster (SW 7008) by Sherwin-Williams doesn't veer too cool or too creamy, while Chantilly Lace (OC-65) by Benjamin Moore is a decorator's go-to for a pure, clean look.

Cool Whites We Love

For a sleek and sophisticated style, try a white shade with grey or blue undertones. Cool whites can lend a bright, modern look to a bedroom without feeling too stark. Penthouse by Clare, an airy greige, and Gallery White (1502) by Ecos Paints, an ethereal grey-toned shade, can pair well with grey, blue, or purple accents.

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