The Best Warm Paint Colors for a Cozy Home

Putnam Purple Guest Bedroom
Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

Warm colors are the coziest and most comforting, so why not embrace them in the bedroom, study, living room, or kitchen. With the right shade of paint, your home can be made more warm and welcoming. You can completely transform the feeling of a room, even if the wall color is the only thing that changed. We won't lecture you on how hard it is to choose the right hue—everyone knows the woes of finding a pink that's not Pepto-Bismol or a white that doesn't require solar eclipse safety glasses. Here, to fast-track your path to a cozy abode, we've gathered the best warm paint colors to try in your home.

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Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

Holly Williams Colonial Revival Remodel in Nashville, TN Pink Dressing Room Closet
Photo: Annie Schlechter; Styling: Matthew Gleason

In the age of "millennial pink," don't be afraid to take it a few shades softer to a warm blush tone. Our favorite dusty rose hue is Pink Ground (202) by Farrow & Ball. Paint from floor to ceiling for a retro, glamorous look.

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Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee

Brandon Ingram Florida Cottage
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Despite what you might think, not all whites are alike. One of our favorite clean whites is Swiss Coffee (OC-45) by Benjamin Moore. Add a swirl of warmth to your walls with this color for a neutral but welcoming backdrop.

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Benjamin Moore Ashwood

Ashwood Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

This gray-beige is right out of Chip and Joanna's playbook. Paint your walls with Benjamin Moore Ashwood (OC-47) for a soothing, neutral palette. This versatile color has more personality than just any off-white and looks graceful in every room.

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Benjamin Moore Bottle of Bordeaux

Natasha Lawler Charlottesville Home Master Bedroom
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Add flair to the bedroom with a ritzy paint color like Benjamin Moore's Bottle of Bordeaux (1357). This brilliant shade rides the line between pink and plum. Here, it pairs perfectly with gold wallpaper and fabrics.

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Sherwin-Williams Honeycomb

Honeycomb Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

It simply doesn't get any warmer and cozier than Sherwin-Williams Honeycomb (SW6375). This deep gold will make you feel like the queen bee of your bedroom or living room. Use shiny silver hardware and decor in the space for a more luxurious look.

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Benjamin Moore Concord Ivory

Yellow Mudroom and Laundry Room
Lucas Allen; Styling: Elizabeth Demos

Try Benjamin Moore's Concord Ivory (HC-12), a color that falls somewhere between yellow-gold and apricot depending on the lighting. And depending on the space and decor, this color can be made to feel either tropical or farmhouse.

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Sherwin-Williams Spicy Hue

Spicy Hue Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

If you're dreaming of flannel, apple orchards, and hot mugs of cider, Sherwin-Williams Spicy Hue (SW 6342) might be for you. This cinnamon brown can be used for dramatic effect in a small room like a bath, or used to add warmth and personality to cabinets. Even better, paint this rich, appetizing color on your dining room walls.

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Sherwin-Williams Cavern Clay

2018 Idea House in Austin, Texas Guest Bedroom
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

This reddish rawhide paint fits right in in this Texas guestroom, but you'll find it warms your home wherever you live. Designer Meredith Ellis chose an earthy hue, Sherwin-Williams' Cavern Clay (SW 7701), and paired it with a varnished pine bed. In a space this cozy, guests feel right at home.

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Sherwin-Williams Antiquity

Antiquity Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Antiquity (SW 6402) walks the thin line between green, yellow, and tan, but captures the best of all of them. Use russet colored fabrics and black and white lighting for bold contrast with this deep color.

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Farrow & Ball Brinjal

Putnam Purple Guest Bedroom
Ngoc Minh Ngo

For incredible depth and elegance, try the rich aubergine of Brinjal (no 222) from Farrow & Ball. Applied to wood bedroom paneling, this color will have you slumbering peacefully in your cozy hideaway. White linens and a brass mirror and light fixture brighten up the space.

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Clare Pop

Pop by Clare Paint
Courtesy of Clare

If you're looking for a color full of fizz, try a peachy coral like Pop by Clare. Use Pop for a feminine feel in the bedroom or for a touch of glamour where you entertain. With a color like this, how could your parties not be fun?

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Sherwin-Williams On the Rocks

Sherwin-Williams Living Well
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Somewhere between taupe, gray, and beige, the restful off-white of Sherwin-Williams On the Rocks (SW 7671) will have you saying "ahhhh." Paint this color anywhere you'd like a moment of quiet reflection.

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Sherwin-Williams Virtual Taupe

Guest Suite Fireplace
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

You can't go wrong with a classic like Sherwin-Williams Virtual Taupe (SW 7039). Taupe is a rich color that will never overwhelm a space. Plus, it plays well with other warm colors like ecru, orange, brassy golds, and creamy whites.

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Valspar Spring Moss

Brighten Things Up
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn, Robbie Caponetto

There's nothing more cheerful than a yellow house, and sunny yellows can be used to brighten your interior as well. Yellow goes a long way, so make good use of it, like on this barn door painted in Valspar's Spring Moss (3007-3A). Interior designer Paige Schnell of Tracery Interiors was inspired by the sunset and the water when she chose her color palette for this Texas beach home.

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