10 Taupe Paint Colors That Are Always Right

Guest Suite Fireplace
Photo: Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Don't confuse taupe with its cousin, greige. The two may have a lot in common but can have different results as paint colors. In some cases, taupe will seem a bit warmer, skewing between brown and gray. On the other hand, greige can be slightly cooler, sitting on the spectrum between grey and beige. How a paint color looks in your space is subject to the surface, light, and more. Pick up a few paint samples in the colors you're considering, and swipe them on a small part of the area you'll be painting. Check back on the paint marks throughout the day as the light shifts throughout the space.

They're both fan favorites for walls, trim, cabinets, and more—especially when a little cottage charm is needed. Here are a few of our favorite spaces that call for this warm and cozy neutral, plus the best taupe paint colors to help you get the look.

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Subtly Taupe Kitchen

Cottage Details
Laurey W. Glenn

Adding light taupe paint color on cabinets warms up an all-white kitchen. The taupe will complement the white. Instead of being overwhelmed by the bright walls next to white marble and white backsplash, try infusing a touch of this off-tan color.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Grecian Ivory (SW 7541); sherwin-williams.com.

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Warm Up The Kitchen

Vintage Style Kitchen
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

We've got you covered—in taupe. This charming kitchen uses old-world elements paired with a gray and taupe palette to create the quintessential cottage look. Using cabinet hardware, such as a brushed bronze, completes this look.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Kennett Square Taupe (#HDGWN09D); homedepot.com.

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On The Window Casings

Bedroom with Shiplap Ceiling and Bright Comforter
Ngoc Minh Ngo

We love the character that window casings lend to this cottage-style bedroom. Giving them a statement-making neutral paint job is an inspiring way to highlight easily overlooked architectural details. The white shiplap on the ceiling and behind the headboard makes for a serene space.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Make Believe (CSP-1035); benjaminmoore.com.

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On The Cabinetry

What She Did: Kitchen
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Using one paint color and reducing it by varying percentages allowed the homeowner to play with the shade saturation while keeping a cohesive look. The almost ombre-style painting cabinets uniquely showcase your home's character in a modern way. Our favorite of the bunch? Trim and cabinet paint at 100%.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Pavilion Gray (No. 242); farrow-ball.com.

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On The Trim

Layer Neutrals for a Relaxed Look
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

The designer opted to paint the trim a taupe-grey instead of drapes, as it would overwhelm the space. We think it's perfection. Choose a satin or semi-gloss finish to make sure the frame doesn't darken too much of the doorway.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Antiquing; magnolia.com.

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In The Living Room

Create a Faux Fireplace
Photo: Tria Giovan, Styling: Olga Naiman

We love the one-shade-fits-all look of this space. The deep taupe walls keep the living room warm and thoroughly inviting, while the contrasting ceiling gives just the right amount of light it needs to prevent it from getting too heavy. Taupe is earthy, so forest greens and other natural colors work well for the overall decor.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Moose Mousse (3003-10A); valspar.com.

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On The Window Grilles

New Old, LLC Back Patio
Brie Williams

Painting window grilles with a neutral taupe doesn't inhibit the view. It ties in all the textures, colors, and surfaces found on the covered porch and pool deck in the sightlines beyond. This color works well on interior and exterior windows.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Tony Taupe (SW 7038); sherwin-williams.com.

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In The Bathroom

2019 Idea House Master Bathroom with free standing tub.
Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Liz Strong

If you think taupe has no place in a bathroom, think again. We love the antique feel it gives these vanities. And don't even get us started on that deep green tub. Dreamy.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Smokey Taupe (983); benjaminmoore.com.

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In The Guest House

Guest Suite Fireplace
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Deep taupe walls are just right in this tiny guest house. The light and bright ceiling, paired with the rich wood floors, hit just the right mix of warm and cool notes. Using this paint color near windows or a lot of natural light helps blend its rich tones with the others in the room.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Virtual Taupe (SW 7039); sherwin-williams.com.

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Use Contrasting Colors

Cozy Color
Photo: Helen Norman

Juxtaposed to these orange colors, the taupe paint color on the shiplap walls perfectly blends the energetic palette with the soothing neutral. Keeping the ceiling and window trim bright makes the room appear larger and lighter. Using a neutral like taupe allows additional decor to mix in various shades of the same color, and it still doesn't overwhelm the room.

Try a Similar Paint Color: Shabby Chic (1018); benjaminmoore.com.

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