These Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors Are Designed to Soothe

Refresh your space with a calming shade from Sherwin-Williams' Living Well collection. 

Sherwin-Williams Living Well
Photo: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

You don't need us to diagnose your stress level. But we can help you create a comforting space—a house that's harmonious, so you are too (on most days!). That task begins with color. From restful greens to sweet shades of peach to soothing neutrals, there are an abundance of beautiful shades that can suit your style and help quiet your mind. It's only a matter of picking which one you love the most, thanks to Sherwin-William's Living Well collection.

The 11 mood-setting palettes include a range of colors—540 of them, in fact—chosen with a single, unifying purpose: to invite a sense of comfort, style, and well-being into the home. "The paints and palettes of the Living Well collection can help consumers live more mindfully," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "Living Well means creating a home that works harder for you, whether transforming rooms that serve multiple functions or selecting paint and colors that help create a haven." If you can balance your home visually, you might just find that it serves you better, instilling calm, helping you focus, and allowing you to unwind.

Each of the palettes has a theme, making it easier to sift through the shades and capture your individual vision of restfulness. There are the woodland-inspired greens of "Balance," the coastal colors of "Recharge," and the dusty desert hues of "Unplug," along with eight other unique schemes. Take a peek at some of our favorite colors from the collection to find the hue that fulfills your definition of living well.

Bedroom painted in Sherwin-Williams Dover White and Lemongrass
Sherwin-Williams Dover White. Sherwin-Williams

Dover White

One of Erin Napier's favorite colors, Dover White is a creamy neutral that plays well with the earthy greens that are also part of the "Balance" palette. If you like the feel of a forest during the height of spring, you'll find solace in this scheme.

Yoga studio painted in Sherwin-Williams Perfect Greige

Perfect Greige

If gazing at a vast expanse of sand makes you exhale, you'll love the "Breathe" palette, which features restful tans and soft taupes. One of its most well-known colors is Perfect Greige, which lives up to its name with a striking balance of grey and beige, bringing the ideal amount of warmth to your walls.

Room painted in Sherwin-Williams Heron Plume

Heron Plume

Simplify. Tackle that one-word directive with the color of your walls. Warm neutrals partner with violet-tinted grays for the "Center" color scheme, which is all about balance. We love the softness of Heron Plume, a cozy neutral that provides a peaceful backdrop for your life.

Kitchen painted in Sherwin-Williams Daydream


The name of this blue-gray hue—Daydream—summarizes this palette well: The "Create" color scheme is energetic, playful, and all about exploration. Paired with Marshmallow, another "Create" color, Daydream subtly energizes this kitchen for a whimsical, easygoing vibe.

Office painted in Sherwin-Williams Morning Fog

Morning Fog

This stylish medium gray, called Morning Fog, is part of the "Focus" palette, a group of cool grays and ocean-inspired shades chosen to promote concentration. It brings an element of luxury to any space and is crisp enough to pair with true white. Try it in your home office.

Living room painted in Sherwin-Williams Tradewind


Drawing on mid-century color schemes, the "Inspire" palette is one of the brightest, with creamsicle oranges, happy yellows, and breezy blues. This fireplace surround is painted with Tradewind, a refreshing, crisp blue that just might inspire us to clean those baseboards.

Bathroom in Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed


If you seek a spa-like vibe, look no further than the "Recharge" palette. Relaxation is the aim of these soothing colors, such as Rainwashed, a misty blue-green that will tempt you to sink into your bathtub and never leave.

Bedroom painted in Sherwin-Williams Snowbound


Effortless is the defining word for the "Reflect" palette. You could pick almost any combination of these airy hues—a mix of bright whites and easygoing grays—but we love Snowbound as a starting place, thanks to its versatility and touch of warmth.

Dining room painted in Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray

Agreeable Gray

This beloved shade is easy to get along with. As part of the "Renew" palette, Agreeable Gray is your go-to greige for those spaces where you just want to cozy up, quiet down, and let your mind rest. Not too warm or too cool, it acts as a true neutral.

Bedroom painted in Sherwin-Williams Practical Beige

Practical Beige

Imagine a beautiful place where you have no cell service. Now imagine bringing that vibe to your bedroom, and there you have it: the "Unplug" palette. This group of orange and tan hues, like Practical Beige, deliver the warmth of the desert, along with a pop of blue that evokes the vastness of the middle-of-nowhere sky.

Bedroom painted in Sherwin-Williams Escape Gray

Escape Gray

Chosen for their tranquil tones, the "Unwind" colors are all about serenity. One of this palette's picks is Escape Gray, which summons an outdoorsy calm with its greenish undertones.

Sherwin-Williams Living Well
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Of course, a healthy life isn't just about beauty, which is why the Living Well collection also includes two specialized products in Sherwin-Williams' SuperPaint line: a paint with added air purifying capabilities and another with sanitizing technology. "Customers will get the quality paint they expect with added technologies that help create balance in the spaces around us," explains Rick Watson, director of product information and technical services at Sherwin-Williams.

The Sanitizing Technology keeps walls clean by killing bacteria on coated surfaces for up to four years, making it a smart choice for busy spots like kitchens and baths. The Air Purifying Technology is ideal for bedrooms with its zero VOC formula, and regardless of where you apply it, this paint helps boost air quality, fights mold and mildew, and reduces common household odors (such as pet and cooking smells).

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