The Best Blue Paint Colors For Porch Ceilings, According To Designers

Front Porch Blooms
Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez

Atmospheric sky-blues and blue-greens are classic choices for Southerners, particularly on the ceilings of porches and patios throughout the region. This family of breezy, beautiful blues feels at once nostalgic and quintessentially Southern. Plus, the history of haint blue porches is just as fascinating as these porches are beautiful. So how can you recreate this look for your own outdoor space?

Designer Roger Higgins of Nashville-based R. Higgins Interiors recommends "a pale blue that is subtle—never bold in coloration—so that it is noticeable, yet won't distract from the architecture of the home or stand out too strongly from porch furnishings and fabrics."

Roger Higgins is a designer at the Nashville-based R. Higgins Interiors.

Atlanta's Lauren Lowe of Lauren Elaine Interiors shares an affinity for blue patio ceilings, as well. "Being a Southern girl, I love painting porch ceilings blue and carrying the color indoors into sunrooms," she says. If you're looking for more designer-recommended shades for your porch ceiling, you're in luck. We've asked a talented group of Southern designers for their top picks.

Lauren Lowe is the owner of Lauren Elaine Interiors in Atlanta.

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Benjamin Moore, Constellation, AF-540

Benjamin Moore, Constellation Paint Color
Emily Followill

Lowe uses shades of blue on patio ceilings and interior elements alike. "More subtle light blues, such as Benjamin Moore's Constellation (pictured) and Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light (the following entry), add a sophisticated contrast against white paints," she says. Lowe also loves blues with a hint of green such as Benjamin Moore's Picture Perfect. "It makes the ceiling feel almost like it is shining ever so softly. It's an easy detail that quickly adds charm to any porch!"

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Benjamin Moore, Lookout Point, 1646

Benjamin Moore, Lookout Point, 1646 Paint Color
Brantley Photography

Designer Kara Miller, of Florida's Kara Miller Interiors says Benjamin Moore's Lookout Point and Whispering Spring are two of her go-to blues for interior and exterior ceilings. "They usually hit just the right notes for both," she says. "One of my favorite tricks is to cut the strength by 50% to give you just the right amount of saturation."

Kara Miller is a designer at the Florida-based Kara Miller Interiors.

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Sherwin-Williams, Waterscape, SW 6470

Haint Blue porch ceiling
Hector Manuel Sanchez

Waterscape is a soft blue with a hint of green. This lovely color from Sherwin-Williams is our recommendation for those who wish to continue the long Southern tradition of using a "haint blue" on their porch ceiling. Said to help ward off "haints" or evil spirits by mimicking the sky or a body of water, haint blue is also a good way to confuse bugs and draw them upward, away from porch-sitters.

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Benjamin Moore, Ewing Blue, CW-585

Benjamin Moore, Ewing Blue, CW-585 Paint Color
Laura Metzler

For those looking for a quintessential porch ceiling color, Benjamin Moore's Ewing Blue is a sure bet. DC-based designer Anna Matthews chose this shade for the ceiling of her client's living room which overlooks the Chesapeake Bay. "Ewing Blue worked beautifully to bring warmth into the space and play off of the blues in the water just yards away," she said. "Painting your ceiling a soft blue will bring visual interest that you will enjoy for years to come! It's a classic."

Anna Matthews is a DC-based designer.

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Farrow & Ball, Light Blue, No. 22

Farrow & Ball, Light Blue, No. 22 Paint Color
Emery David Photography

Dallas designer Lisa Henderson of Lisa Henderson Interiors uses light blue paint colors in her projects often—whether they are custom mixed for a space (shown here) or from tried-and-true brands like Farrow and Ball. "They lift your spirits and ceilings," she says. "One of my go-to paints is Farrow & Ball's Light Blue. Painting a porch ceiling adds a special touch. It's makes the space look even larger and reflects the natural light."

Lisa Henderson the designer behind the Dallas-based Lisa Henderson Interiors.

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Farrow & Ball, Borrowed Light, No. 235

Benjamin Moore, Constellation Paint Color
Emily Followill

"That little peep of a happy, soft blue begs you to linger longer on those warm summer nights," says Lauren Lowe. Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Light certainly captures the essence of Lowe's words. Described by Farrow & Ball as a "soft and classic tone" that evokes "the colour of summer skies," Borrowed Light lives up Farrow & Ball's Borrowed Lightto its name. It's almost as if the color has borrowed its light from the sky itself, and it is sure to bring the serene energy of a tranquil sky blue to the porch ceiling of any home—beckoning you to linger and take in the warm summer nights, as Lowe says.

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Benjamin Moore, Blue Lace, 1625

Benjamin Moore, Blue Lace, 1625 Paint Color
Joanna Robertson

Christian Ladd of Christian Ladd Interiors opts to paint ceilings, or what she calls the fifth wall, to add height and dimension to a room. "The same can be said for porch ceilings," she says. "There are numerous benefits of painting exterior ceilings blue, the obvious being the feeling of height and airiness it creates—but we also like to think the Southern tradition stating blue porch ceilings ward off spirits and even bugs and birds holds true." Ladd prefers pale blues for exterior ceilings such as Benjamin Moore's Blue Haze or Blue Lace.

Christian Ladd is the designer behind Christian Ladd Interiors.

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Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt, SW 6204

Sherwin Williams, Sea Salt, SW 6204 Paint Color
Brian Flint

"Light blue is timeless," says Mary Clair Cumbaa of Cumbaa Design Company in Greenville, Mississippi. "Living in the South, we love color and especially all shades of blue. It's important to extend your color palette beyond your walls and to outdoor living design as well." Cumbaa uses Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams to create the perfect soothing atmosphere, with just a hint of green.

Mary Clair Cumbaa is a designer at Cumbaa Design Company in Greenville, Mississippi.

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Benjamin Moore's, Woodlawn Blue, HC-147

Benjamin Moore’s, Woodlawn Blue, HC-147
Courtesy Benjamin Moore

Nashville's Tori Alexander of Alexander Interiors recommends Benjamin Moore's historic shade Woodlawn Blue for a reliably attractive result. "We find clients are always happy with it in their outdoor spaces," she says. "This color creates ambience without being too strong. There is enough warmth behind the color so that it reads sophisticated."

Tori Alexander is the designer behind Nashville's Alexander Interiors.

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Farrow & Ball, Parma Gray, No. 27

Parma Gray by Farrow & Ball

"We love to use pale blues that have a grey or otherwise softened undertone because it highlights the millwork details and is still soft enough to go with most any other color palette," Roger Higgins explains. And Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray is a perfect cool blue softened with gray.

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