What's in a paint color name?

Paint in Buckets
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Dusty Rose for the living room? How about Aspen Glow for the bedroom? And Bold Sunshine for the kitchen?

If you've ever wondered how the paint shades that grace your walls, doors, and home's exterior get their names you're not alone. While each paint company treats the brainstorm process somewhat differently, Apartment Therapy recently took a deep dive into the topic, unearthing how Blue Twilight and Seaport Grey come to be.

Often, the process involves multiple individuals within a paint company across multiple departments. And ideas don't just strike sitting in the conference room: "Whether searching online sources, traveling, attending design shows, grocery shopping or retail stores—even taking a hike in the woods—color inspiration can strike in the coolest places," Susan Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams told Sarah Lyon in the Apartment Therapy piece. Sometimes, paint color names are references to a prominent color an employee saw on vacation or a buzzy phrase in pop culture (Hygge Hazel, we're looking at you).

Before names make it to the paint label, legal teams also make sure there are no issues with the new shades. Additional market research may also be completed to see if it appeals to consumers. Read the full article on Apartment Therapy here.

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