Bring the natural shades of Southern landscapes to life in your home.

Last year, many of us got reacquainted with the great outdoors during the pandemic. In search of some wide, open spaces after being cooped up indoors, we hit the sidewalks for strolls around our neighborhoods, hiked local trails, or packed up for visits to nearby National Parks. So it's no wonder that many 2021 paint trends centered around bringing the harmonious, serene shades from nature into our homes. Behr is "painting" a picture of U.S. geography with their interactive "United States of Behr" map (shown below), which features paint colors that represent various states you'd pass through on a cross-country road trip. Draw some inspiration for your next DIY project with nature-inspired paint colors from the Behr collection that exemplify five states in the South. Here, we share Behr's paint picks for bringing Southern landscapes to life in your home.

Behr USA Color Map
Credit: Courtesy of Allison+Partners

Florida: Everglade (MQ6-60)

This earth-inspired shade evokes the natural beauty of Florida's Everglades National Park. The color experts at Behr recommend swathing a living room, dining room, or office in this botanical green, as it's known to stimulate thought and conversation. For a monochromatic palette, Behr recommends pairing Everglade with Russian Olive (N350-7) or Green Power (S340-2). For a more toned-down look, pick shades of brown or tan.

Missouri: Live Jazz (S570-5)

If you're looking for something a little punchier, turn to Missouri's bold purple shade. Use this invigorating color in a space where creative energy is exuded, like an office, living room, playroom, craft area, or bedroom. Behr also recommends this hue for a striking front door.

Texas: Ranch Brown (S240-6)

Leather cowboy boots kicking up dust in sprawling Texas farmland is exemplified by Behr's Ranch Brown (S240-6). Use this warm, rich shade for a cozy study, den, or living room. Pair it with crisp white trim and cool blue accents throughout the room.

Tennessee: Smokey Pink (N150-2)

Treat this soft, gentle shade like any other neutral. We'd use it in a living room, dining room, bath, or bedroom. Behr color experts chose Smokey Pink for its subtle plum tone, which recalls views of mist-covered Smoky Mountains on summer mornings.

Peach Sachet Behr
Behr's Peach Sachet (M200-1)
| Credit: Courtesy of Behr

Georgia: Peach Sachet (M200-1)

What's sweeter than the shade of a Georgia peach? It's bright enough for an inviting entryway and soothing enough for a spa-like powder bath. Coat the walls of a main bedroom with Peach Sachet for a happy, calming escape. Pair it with a complementary neutral like Island Hopping (M180-1) or contrasting pastel like Dew Pointe (M450-1).