Rules are made to be broken, after all.
Dark Paint Dining
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

I view painting a room a lot like getting bangs. You never really know if it's the right move until you just do it. Also a lot like getting bangs, other people will probably have a lot of opinions about what you should and shouldn't do, based on unfounded and unchecked rules that someone saw on Pinterest one time. (Can you tell I got bangs once?) Honestly, houses can be about as unique as people's face shape, so you never really know how a paint color will turn out until you see it in context in your exact space. The good news about risky paint decisions? They can be fixed much quicker than you can grow out poorly cut bangs! So with that reassurance, a few reasons to break the rules (and embrace bold paint):

If you want a space to feel larger, you have to go with all white.

Does white indeed do this? Yes. But there are other ways too—like the use of mirrors or a high gloss sheen. Why paint your walls white when they could be lacquered plum! I mean, come on. Don't be afraid to go dark with a high gloss; it will bounce around light beautifully. Or, alternatively, embrace the incredible coziness of a small room in a deep hue. Dreamy!

Bright and bold colors should only be used in small "pops" or as accents.

Some say big color all over the walls decreases the value of your house and/or its appeal to potential buyers. Some say it's giving in to trends, which you'll be sick of sooner than not, and you'll have invested all that effort and time. Some say it'll just plain look bad.

I'm here to say—the lack of commitment and ease of change is literally the **best** thing about paint. If you should commit to crazy in any part of your décor – do it with paint. Fabric is expensive and furniture is too. But paint? You just need a few dollars and a free weekend to totally change the room. By far the most decorating bang for your buck, so capitalize on it.  And if you hate it—repaint it!

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Trims and Ceilings Should Be White

Certainly they can be, and that can really tidy up a room visually. But they also don't have to be all. Some of my favorite rooms have a trim and/or ceiling in the same color as the wall, or a color stolen from the wallpaper. Try a shade darker or lighter than the wall color for genius and subtle creative touch.