Proceed with caution and choose wisely…

Never Paint Walls These Colors

We've said it before and we'll say it again: paint is overwhelming. There are so many brands. And colors. And finishes. And combinations. And techniques. You start to wonder if maybe you should just paint it all white. But then you remember white is the trickiest of all.

Painting your home is no walk in the park. But the good news is, really, painting is one of the easiest ways to update your space. And the absolute worst-case scenario is simply you hate it and have to start over. Tastes change, trends change, and paint fades. So by the time you do list your home, that poppy-red chevron-patterned accent wall just may be the sight that turns away potential buyers browsing online listings. If you're about to slather up some walls but you may be listing your home soon, here are some shades to avoid:

1. Anything you could affix the adjectives neon- or hot- or electric- to the front of.

Your teenage daughter wants hot pink walls and neon orange accents? (And a raise in her allowance?) Self-expression is important and generally makes for hilarious memories years later. (Oh, and really good before photos!) Unfortunately teenage angst is not exactly the vibe potential home buyers are looking for.

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2. Eggplant. Dark Mauve. Moldy green-brown-blue.

These colors make spaces feel musty, dark, and cramped. Buyers should recognize they can simply paint over non-ideal colors, but unfortunately they can't always see past the atmosphere the wall color can create in a room. Dark, musty hues may hinder visitors from seeing the rooms' potential spaciousness or natural light.

3. Faux finishes.

Again self-expression is a wonderful thing. But just because you want to be transported to an imaginary villa in an imaginary countryside somewhere (Tuscany maybe?), doesn't mean visitors want to journey with you. So put away the sponges, cloths, and specialty brushes, please.