Disney World Uses This Paint Color Trick To Make Un-magical Things (Like Garbage Bins) Practically Disappear


The next time you're strolling through the most magical place on earth, keep an eye out for what you're not seeing. It's not sleight of hand, but a slightly magical paint that makes unsightly items almost disappear.

Disney World uses a lot of tricks to make each visit to the park feel extra special. That extends from MagicBands to nightly fireworks displays to vanquishing mosquitos, making Mermaid Donuts, and even to a specially designed paint color that helps hide the less-than-magical parts of the theme park while you amble past castles. That color is affectionately known as "Go Away Green" and according to Mental Floss, it was created to make things like "fences, garbage bins, and administrative buildings" vanish, or at least blend in with the landscaping.

Entrance building of the Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom park during an overcast day
Getty/Roberto Machado Noa / Contributor

Now we're not ones who typically use our favorite place on earth to influence our home decor and color schemes, but if your yard has a few items that you wouldn't mind guests or lookie loos overlooking, borrow Disney's trick and paint them "Go Away Green". If you can't replicate Disney's exact shade of green, depending on your yard, shades like Behr's Jojoba Matte, Farrow & Ball's Calke Green, or Benjamin Moore's Prescott Green could all work to conceal items that are generally hard to hide. It could make your own kingdom a little magical.

While Disney's very own green-grey color is just uninteresting enough that it fits in with the shrubs, bushes, or grass so wandering eyes just move past it, we can't help but think it would be hard for any color to stand out next to the Mad Tea Party, Carousel of Progress, or the It's a Small World ride.

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