The Best Front Door Paint Colors for White Houses, According to Designers

Converted farmhouse with shingled roof features a neutral color palette. Farrow and Ball's Stony Brick was used for the door, and archived color, Clunch, for the brick.
Photo: Laurey Glenn

Are you planning to revamp your home's curb appeal this season? A freshly painted front door can make all the difference. The choices are endless for those with white painted brick, stucco, or siding exteriors. Is it best to make a bold statement or stick with classic shades of navy or forest green? Perhaps a muted neutral can add a subtle contrast.

Unfortunately, when it comes to painting, there are no rules, which is fun, but also a daunting task. Paint color is highly subjective, and preferences depend significantly on your personality, project goals, and home architecture. Thankfully, seasoned professional advice can help narrow down your options. Whether you're looking for a bold, subdued, or timeless color, check out this selection of designer-recommended shades.

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Benjamin Moore, Almost Black (2130-30)

Chateau-inspired house with front door painted in Benjamin Moore "Almost Black"
Laurey Glenn

Florida-based interior designer Andrew Howard chose a nostalgic shade for the front door of his own home—Benjamin Moore's Almost Black (2130-30). "I love black and white as a crisp combination," he says. "It reminds me of visiting Martha's Vineyard as a kid." Rather than a true black, Howard selected a dark shade of battleship grey. "It has hints of navy and grey from the street. While there is contrast, it is not so harsh, and I think the eyes take in the contrast very nicely."

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Farrow & Ball, Stony Ground (No. 211)

Converted farmhouse with shingled roof features a neutral color palette. Farrow and Ball's Stony Brick was used for the door, and archived color, Clunch, for the brick.
Laurey Glenn

Ashley Gilbreath of Ashley Gilbreath Interior Design paired tonal shades from Farrow & Ball to transform her client's exterior. The paint color Stony Ground (No. 211) covers the door alongside an archived shade, Clunch (No. 2009), for the brick. "When selecting paint colors, you always have to consider the whole package," she says. "A neutral color palette is a great choice when there are other elements at play. This home was in a beautiful verdant setting, and the home itself had great texture from the roof and brick, not to mention a lot of architectural detail."

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Farrow & Ball, Light Blue (No. 22)

Designer ClaireZinnecker stand in front of a dutch-inspired door, which is painted in Farrow and Ball's "Light Blue."
Molly Culver Photography

For homes with white exteriors, Austin Interior Designer Claire Zinnecker of Claire Zinnecker Design turns to an atmospheric shade for the front door. "I love Farrow & Ball's Light Blue (No. 22)," she says. "It is the perfect silvery blue, just like an agave. It can read both warm and cool depending on what white it's paired with. [It] feels timeless and unique."

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Try A Soft, Customized Shade

Two-story home with a balcony and front porch. Front door painted a custom color.
Costa Christ Media

Morgan Farrow of Morgan Farrow Interiors designed a custom color for her client's front door and windows. "When recommending front door paint colors for homes with white exteriors, I often go by the mantra that less is more," she says. "With this muted soft shade of gray, we were able to create a sophisticated yet, chic look that was the perfect match for this exterior."

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Farrow & Ball, Railings (No. 31)

White ranch-style house with Greek and Romanesque influence with a sloping roof. The door is painted in Farrow and Ball's "Railings" shade.
Ballard Designs

Virginia Cheek of Atlanta's Virginia Cheek Designs recommends Railings (No. 31) by Farrow and Ball. "If you're looking for a good neutral tone that will provide contrast and falls somewhere in between charcoal and true black, Railings is a great go-to," she says. It works for exteriors and interiors, too!

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Benjamin Moore, Cape May Cobblestone (1474)

Colonia-style home featuring front doors painted in Benjamin Moore's "Cape May Cobblestone" shade.
Julie Soefer

Designer Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors recommends Benjamin Moore's Cape May Cobblestone (1474). "It was the perfect choice to complement this home's white exterior," she says. "The combination of these two colors creates a sophisticated variation in tone, without a jarring contrast."

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Benjamin Moore, Odessa Pink (HC-59)

Pink front door with three ascending rectangular window panes and gold hardware. Door paint is Benjamin Moore's "Odessa Pink."
Molly Culver Photography

Designer Shannon Eddings of Shannon Eddings Interiors turned to Odessa Pink (HC-59) for the front door of her mid-century home in Austin, Texas. "When selecting this color for my personal home, I went with something that was a bit more, well—personal," she says. "We were striving for a warm pink that mimics the Texas sunsets that we often see on road trips through West Texas to Colorado. This pink has that perfect amount of warmth while still being obviously pink. And a bonus: The color shares a name with the same town that my husband is from."

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Benjamin Moore, Woodlawn Blue (HC-147)

Home entryway where a sunhat and shawl hang on a gold hook. Wall and cabinets are pained in Benjamin Moore's "Woodlawn Blue" shade.
Paige Rumore Messina

Nashville's Brooke Riebeling of Brooke Riebeling Interiors trusts Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue (HC-147) for a soothing statement shade. "Woodlawn Blue is one of my go-to colors for a front door or shutters with a white house," she says. "It's a nice subtle change from the traditional black or dark green but still creates a beautiful contrast against a crisp white. This particular blue has green and gray undertones, which keep it from looking too baby blue or too beachy. It's sophisticated and refreshing."

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Sherwin Williams, Tricorn Black (SW 6258)

White colonial-style house with shutters and a green lawn. The door is painted the Sherwin Williams shade of "Tricorn Black."
Pär Bengtsson

"When selecting the front door paint color for a home with a white exterior, think contrast," says Dallas Designer Tracy Hardenburg of Tracy Hardenburg Designs. "The front door is your chance to make that lasting first impression, and this bold black by Sherwin Williams didn't disappoint."

Nashville Designer Roger Higgins agrees. "Tricorn Black (SW 6258) will stand the test of time and works for any style of home," he says.

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Sherwin Williams, Porpoise (SW 7047)

Citrus and Pinecone Front Door Christmas Decor
Laurey W. Glenn; Floral Design: Mary Cox Brown; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

Nashville Designer Roger Higgins shares, "Sherwin Williams' Porpoise (SW 7047) is a slightly less dramatic grey tone that feels subtle and welcoming.

Also, "for warmer white exteriors, we like Sherwin Williams' Gray Area (SW 7052)," he says.

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Farrow & Ball, Studio Green (No. 93)

Get the Look: The Farmhouse Porch
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Does a contrasting door top your list? Shades of deep green are a go-to for designer Gray Walker of Gray Walker Interiors. "Farrow and Ball's Studio Green (No. 93) adds depth and detail to an exterior," she says. "I like front doors to be lacquered to create a certain sparkle that welcomes you in."

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Benjamin Moore, Black (2132-10)

Charleston Black Front Door
Photo: Hector M. Sanchez

For Birmingham's Dana Wolter of Dana Wolter Interiors, a glossy black finish is a reliably elegant choice. "An all-white house with a beautiful, high-gloss black door is a timeless look that feels sophisticated and gracious," she says. "Benjamin Moore's Black (2132-10) is a wonderful go-to for this type of application."

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Sherwin Williams, Real Red (SW 6868)

Red Door
Hector M. Sanchez

A red door next to a white clapboard house promises traditional charm. The striking red door, coated in color like Real Red (SW 6868) by Sherwin Williams, helps distinguish your home in the neighborhood, but avoiding the "overly-patriotic" decor can often be challenging if paired with too many blues. Try using black or grey accents to tone down the front entrance, or embrace your bold front door choice and lean into the red.

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Try A Customized Wood Stain

Birmingham Cottage French Doors Exterior
Laurey W. Glenn

Embrace a natural approval to your front door by keeping it simple. Varnish or stain can update your home's curb appeal without introducing new colors to your exterior palette. Paint experts Benjamin Moore recommends considering your surroundings as well as the age of the wood before staining. Stains range in opacity, so depending on your desired outcome, you may need more than one coat.

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Benjamin Moore, Apples and Pears (395)

Lime Green Front Door
Laurey W. Glenn

Show off your home's personality by choosing a uniquely "you" front door. Try Apples and Pears (395) by Benjamin Moore for a sunny reminder of your house's cheerful atmosphere every time you walk through the front door. Colors like this work well against white houses because it functions as an accent, but neutral shades ground it. Lime green is a particularly fun color for homes in sunnier climates.

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