Paintbrushes at the ready.

Farrow & Ball Pale Powder
Credit: Courtesy Farrow & Ball

Take your neutrals game up a notch by painting your entire home in an unexpected hue. Our favorite of the moment is Farrow & Ball Pale Powder (No. 204), a gorgeous blue-toned paint—delicate and subtle, with just a touch of green—that is at home in any room of the house.

This paint color is airy and soothing, a quiet relative of bolder aqua shades. Part of its appeal is that it's soft, but it also has depth. There's energy to this shade, but it's certainly not loud, which is why Pale Powder can be incorporated into the perfect palette for almost any interior design; it plays well in rooms with bright schemes and plenty of natural light, or it can help to lighten up smaller, darker spaces. Its versatility is its charm. This paint is gorgeous in an office. It's perfect in a bath. It's lovely in a living room. It works everywhere.

Farrow & Ball calls it their ″most popular shade of aqua.″ Fans of the archived Farrow & Ball color Powder Blue are likely to appreciate Pale Powder too, as it is a lighter iteration of the archived classic. Farrow & Ball touts this paint color's airiness and versatility: ″Pale Powder has an unparalleled softness and in north facing rooms can read almost as a delicate grey, but it is rarely cold due to the addition of green pigment. It is a great favorite for use in pretty attic bedrooms where it can be brushed onto both ceiling and walls to create an airy feeling of light and space."

Pale Powder feels fresh and contemporary but can also work beautifully with more old-fashioned designs. Whether the rooms are filled with heavy antiques, midcentury styles, or Lucite accessories and a Parsons desk, Pale Powder is a perfect—and ever so slightly unexpected—backdrop.

What paint color would you use in every room of the house? We can think of a few other pretty shades we would love to drench our homes in.