Everything to Consider When Painting Your Front Door

Boost your home’s curb appeal with a project that can be done in a day. 

Survey Your Surroundings

"Before choosing a color for your front door, take your home's existing palette into consideration—the siding, trim, shutters, etc. You'll want a shade that creates a cohesive look," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. For inspiration, just turn to the landscape: "If you have a backdrop of trees, consider colors that complement nature, such as navy or black," she says.

Test the Front-Runners

"Sample your options before making a final decision," says Wadden. "I recommend crossing the street to see what they look like from your neighbor's perspective."

Prep Before Painting

"Preparation is the key to a job well done," says Rick Watson, director of product information and technical services at Sherwin-Williams. First, wash grime from your door using a degreasing cleaner; then rinse and let dry. Next, lightly sand your door with a sanding sponge, and wipe down to remove dust. "The front door doesn't need to be taken off its hinges, but remove or tape off other hardware on it before painting if you can," he advises.

Time It Right

"Paint dries faster in higher temperatures and lower humidity and when exposed to direct sunlight. It's best to paint your door in the morning or later in the afternoon, if possible," Watson says.

Keep It Smooth

"Begin the process by using an angled brush in recessed spots or areas with a lot of detail," says Watson. "I recommend using a brush or roller on all remaining areas. While making strokes, make sure the fresh paint you're overlapping is wet, as this will help avoid streaks."

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