14 Designer-Favorite Paint Colors to Refresh Your Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Kitchen with Exposed Beams Cabinets in Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams
Photo: Melissa Fitzgerald West

If your kitchen cabinetry has seen better days, or you're simply looking to shift the energy in the space, look no further than an impactful change in color. With what feels like a million options to choose from, shuffling through sample cards can be daunting—but rest easy. We've asked talented designers for their go-to cabinetry colors, and they've graciously shared their top picks. Whether you're looking for something bright and refreshing, a bold statement, or a subtle shade that's in-between, you're sure to find a color you love. Here are designers' 14 favorite paint colors to give kitchen cabinets an instant refresh.

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Chantilly Lace, Benjamin Moore

Ashley Whittaker Florida Kitchen with Blue Subway Tile
Max Kim-Bee

Florida-born designer Ashley Whittaker prefers a crisp, bright white for kitchen cabinetry. "I love painting cabinets a bright white which allows for a great background to take center stage," she says. "Here we used a sea blue tile with a crackled glaze, a woven abaca rug, bright nickel hardware, and fun palm frond wallpaper in a Florida kitchen. The white cabinetry is what lets the other details shine."

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Anew Grey, Sherwin-Williams

Kitchen with Anew Gray by Benjamin Moore Cabinets
Kerry Kirk

According to Houston's Katie Davis of Katie Davis Design, "If you want a space to look bigger, white always does the job." Davis loves using White Dove and Simply White from Benjamin Moore on clients' cabinetry. "In this Houston project, I love how the beige-y Anew Grey by Sherwin-Williams plays off pure white counters and subway tile to make this kitchen feel huge."

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Magnetic Gray, Sherwin-Williams

Rustic Kitchen with Exposed Beams Cabinets in Magnetic Gray by Sherwin Williams
Melissa Fitzgerald West

While white is always right, Davis also loves transforming kitchens with soft color. "Adding color to a space, especially the cabinets, instantly adds 'happy' to a room," she says. "Magnetic Gray by Sherwin-Williams is one of our favorite colors because of its versatility. When used in a kitchen it provides a bold refresh!"

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Cadet Gray, Pratt & Lambert

Kitchen Painted Cadet Gray by Pratt & Lambert with Cafe Curtain in Check
Jean Allsopp Photography

Whether designing a new kitchen or a renovation, Katherine Bramlett Melvin of Birmingham's Katherine B. Melvin Design often gravitates to a warm neutral instead of a white. "I love a kitchen that is inviting as well as crisp," she says. "I want those who gather or cook in our kitchens to feel both a sense of comfort and simplicity. One of my go-to naturals for this goal is Pratt & Lambert's Cadet Gray. What I love about this color is that it is neutral and yet has enough depth that it is still welcoming." Another bonus? The color works well with other natural elements, such as warm woods, rich iron tones, and neutral stone.

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Outerspace, Sherwin-Williams

Kitchen with Waterfall Marble Island and Walls in Outerspace by Sherwin Williams
Nathan Schroder

If you're searching for a dynamic cabinetry accent color, Dallas designer Morgan Farrow suggests Outerspace by Sherwin-Williams. "When designing this modern kitchen space, I wanted a way to bring color to the room and break up the wood tones," she says. "Selecting a blue paint for the cabinets not only added an element of surprise but brightened up the whole space. Not to mention, the brass hardware flawlessly complements the shade."

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Morris Room Grey, Sherwin-Williams

Kitchen with Large Island and Morris Gray Painted Cabinets
Stephen Karlisch

Jean Liu of Dallas's Jean Liu Design loves to amplify a kitchen's mood with paint. Her go-to shade? Morris Room Grey by Sherwin-Williams. "The color still reads as a neutral while adding some warmth and life to this part of the house," she says. "It is also easily paired with darker or lighter hues in case the kitchen island remains a contrasting color."

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Green Earth, Sherwin-Williams

Kitchen with Patterned Backsplash and Cabinets Painted Green Earth By Sherwin Williams
Laura Steffan

For your next cabinetry update, New Orleans-based designer Hattie Collins of Hattie Sparks Interiors suggests Green Earth by Sherwin-Williams. What makes it an ideal shade? "I wanted to strike the right balance of an earthy tone without it feeling grassy or evergreen," she says. "I also loved that this color had a bit of a gray undertone, instead of yellow or blue, which helps it feel mellow and perform as a neutral rather than a bold statement. It played well off the natural elements in the kitchen, reclaimed terracotta floors, walnut island, grasscloth shades, and linen pendant lights."

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Alabaster, Sherwin-Williams

White Kitchen Painted Alabaster by Sherwin Williams
Molly Culver Photography

Houston's Jennifer Barron of Jennifer Barron Interiors loves turning to a soft white for a cabinet update. "The simplicity of white cabinets allows a space to feel updated and fresh," she says. "This color specifically, Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams, is a beautiful white with the slightest touch of cream. Alabaster does a great job of brightening an older or darker space, and bringing life to any cabinetry that needs updating. This white can stand the test of time, and can be used in any type of light!"

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Silvery Blue, Benjamin Moore

Home Built-In Bar Painted Silvery Blue by Benjamin Moore
Molly Culver Photography

If you're looking for a refreshing cabinetry shade, Barron also suggests Silvery Blue by Benjamin Moore. "A soft, subtle blue, this color allows the space to feel current and unique," she says. "The warmth of this light blue makes it a great choice for a cabinetry update as it is inviting and interesting. It is a color that really makes you want to use the space!"

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Tricorn Black, Sherwin-Williams

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams Kitchen Cabinets
Par Bengtsson

Dallas interior designer Tracy Hardenburg of Tracy Hardenburg Designs recommends going bold with Tricorn Black by Sherwin-Williams. "My goal for this kitchen design was to create a moody and warm space," she says. "When selecting the paint color, I knew I ultimately wanted a darker tone. The matte black shade is a great color choice to achieve a sophisticated yet modern feel."

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Black Spruce, Dunn Edwards

Ellen Godfrey's Birmingham Bungalow Kitchen with Teal Green Cabinets
Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Lydia Pursell

Using a dark spruce on the lower cabinets, designer Ellen Godfrey was able to add contrast to her white walls and farmhouse sink. The moody Black Spruce by Dunn Edwards is an evergreen shade inspired by Christmas trees.

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Snowbound, Sherwin-Williams

2021 Idea House Kitchen with White Walls and Painted Floor
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

Designer Sarah Bartholomew chose Snowbound by Sherwin-Williams to add warmth to the cabinets. She likes warm whites with a good balance of gray and yellow undertones. This is a creamy shade that's welcoming, not sterile.

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Cromwell Gray, Benjamin Moore

Cromwell Gray Kitchen with Wood Countertop
Laurey W. Glenn

This earthy tone dramatically distinguishes the kitchen island from white cabinetry. Designer Melanie Pounds used Cromwell Gray by Benjamin Moore. This deep brown-gray achieves a worn look for the oversized island and helps give the feel of a European bistro.

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Newburyport Blue, Benjamin Moore

Herod Kitchen Blue Cabinets
Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Adam Fortner

To add character to a dated kitchen, designer Lindsey Herod chose bold and bright color. Inspired by blue-and-white dishes, she used Newburyport Blue by Benjamin Moore to bring the perfect dose of cheer. Paired with natural wood, this dark blue helps other kitchen features stand out.

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