Turns out, design on the dark side is pretty dreamy.

Dark Paint Dining
Credit: Laurey W. Glenn

We get it—you love your bright white walls for good reason. Maybe they're the perfect Instagram backdrop. Maybe you still haven't recovered from your hot-pink-and-neon-orange middle school bedroom. Maybe it's all part of a detailed homage to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Who's to say. But whatever the reason, lots, and we mean lots of people love their neutral-on-neutral palettes these days. (I mean, what's cleaner than a crisp, all-white kitchen?)

So un-clasp those pearls when we say: paint it black. Or deep navy. Or rich red. Or dark, dark, dark green. Lighten up, Francis! And go dark. There are lots of reasons to try a dark shade, and probably not nearly as many as you think to be afraid.

Sherwin-Williams Just Announced 2018's Color of the Year
Credit: Business Wire

For one, paint companies are going dark.

Companies like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore went bold when picking their 2018 colors of the year. Sherwin-Williams (above) chose a deep blue (Oceanside; SW 6496), while Benjamin Moore chose a rich, deep, saturated red (Caliente; AF-290). That's a long ways off from Pantone's Colors of the Year just two years ago in 2016—Rose Quartz (light pink) and Serenity (a light blue).

Two: It can make your space work for you.

Just because white is good at making small spaces feel bigger doesn't mean it's the only color with such power. A deep color with a high gloss finish can actually bounce light around in such a away the room feels airy and open. Bold colors are also great at punching up boring spaces, polishing rough ones, and generally distracting from flaws as well. (Sort of like bold lipstick for a pesky forehead blemish.)

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Three: Dark doesn't mean gloomy.

Three words: high gloss sheen. A high gloss over a deep hue creates a wonderful, rich luster that pulls light in the room and shines it all over. Truly, if you want personality, pizazz, or just an enchanting atmosphere, pick a hue and amp up the sheen.

Four: But it can mean cozy.

All-over heavy hues are perfect for a hibernation-worthy bedroom or ultra-cozy media room. To max out the effect, match the sofa fabric or window treatments to the wall color.

Dark Paint Keenan

Five: You can always repaint.

That's why paint is the ultimate tool in home décor. You can change your home with just a brush and a couple buckets in one weekend. And then if you don't like that change, paint over it.