9 Bathroom Paint Colors for a Totally Custom Feel

White Bathroom
Photo: Courtesy of Hawkins Interiors; Photographed by George Barberis

Bathrooms mean business. They're dominated by functional fixtures. They tend to be small. They're often one of the last places we renovate, since a bathroom transformation can be tedious (who wants to move plumbing?) and we persuade ourselves they don't matter that much ("Only I go in there, right?"). But giving your bathroom a refresh can be as simple as a new can of paint. The right wall color can turn a drab powder room into a jewel box or transform a ho-hum primary bath into a spa escape. Who doesn't like the sound of that?

Browse our list of designer-approved bathroom paint colors to find the hue that will instantly elevate your space.

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Farrow & Ball Wimborne White

White Bathroom
Courtesy of Hawkins Interiors; Photographed by George Barberis

This might sound obvious, because it is: The simplest way to turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary is to paint the walls a crisp white. "We love choosing white paint in bathrooms because of its freshness," explains Julie Hawkins, principal designer at Hawkins Interiors. "It easily brightens up a space and makes it feel so clean!" If you're looking for a consistent crowd-pleaser, Hawkins points to Farrow & Ball's Wimborne White, which is just a dab of yellow pigment away from true white.

Without the right finishes, white can seem nondescript. "Pair it with warm tones to avoid a sterile feel," recommends Marco Angelucci, design director at Marguerite Rodgers Interior Design. "Bring in natural woods, deep grays and greens, or even coppery colors to tie the look together."

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Benjamin Moore Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore

Is there anything as relaxing as the sight of the sea? Turn your bathroom into a sanctuary by applying the color of Greek waters to your walls. "Light, watery blue tones help you relax and recharge after getting rid of all your anxiety and stress—as if you are floating in the water," explains Mia Jung, interiors director at Ike Kligerman Barkley.

While soft pastels are a consistent crowd-pleaser, designer Breegan Jane likes to surprise with a splash of teal. "It has a light, milky, aquatic tonality and can be as bold, fierce, and as rich in tone to a bold navy, yet adds extra vibrancy with yellow-green undertones," she says. "Our absolute favorite paint color is Benjamin Moore's Aegean Teal!"

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Benjamin Moore Heritage Red

Kristen Mayfield Photography

Bathrooms can be soothing and make a statement. For an unexpected pop of color, add a coat of red to your cabinetry. "For our personal home, I wanted to keep most of the primary bathroom clean, but I couldn't resist a bold choice for the vanity," explains Lori Paranjape, principal designer at Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors. "I went all-in on a cherry red lacquer and couldn't be happier!" She paired it with wallpaper from her collaboration with Mitchell Black for a modern, graphic touch.

For a similar look, try one of our favorite classic reds: Benjamin Moore's Heritage Red. This vibrant hue will energize you on slow mornings without overpowering the space.

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Sherwin-Williams Pink Shadow

Lake Wylie Bathroom

Brie Williams  Styling: Jennifer Berno Decleene

To get the biggest bang for your buck when building a new home, bring in color in unexpected ways. For a memorable first impression, think pink. Bathrooms, like most things in life, are prettier in pink. Charlotte native Sarah Crosland decided to add a vanity area to the bathroom cabinets while building her lakefront home on Lake Wylie, and of course, she decided to paint her cabinets a shade of pink folks will remember. She used Sherwin-Williams’ Pink Shadow, SW 0070, known as an expert pink, to bring some tasteful, inviting color into her space.

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Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore

Amber Marie Interiors

While the turquoise vanity probably catches your attention first, your eye will inevitably drift to the dark door. "Sherwin-Williams Iron Ore is my favorite black," says Amber Marie of Amber Marie Interiors in Savannah. "It's soft, makes the room feel larger, and creates a great backdrop for everything. Make sure you have ample lighting, especially at the vanity, and use a good quality paint for coverage and cleanability." With a dark backdrop like this, you can afford to go a little wild with accessories or your cabinet color.

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Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose

Curative Studio

A few years ago, dusty pinks began cropping up everywhere, and it's safe to say these rose hues are here to stay. "Soft colors such as blush represent the dawn of a new day and a new era," says Kate Raizenberg, Curative Studio's creative director. From Farrow & Ball Cinder Rose to Sherwin-Williams Quaint Peche the options are endless and oh-so-beautiful.

Although pink has a reputation for being unapologetically feminine, it has more to offer than a pretty facade. "Not only is it a calming color, but the additional soft pink glow is flattering when you're getting ready," explains Elizabeth Rees, founder of Chasing Paper. "With a wide range of hues, you can achieve a range of styles and moods, like sexy modern and playful traditional."

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Benjanmin Moore Collingwood

Raquel Langworthy

If you want to deviate from the traditional white, but aren't ready to go bold with black, find a happy medium: "Gray is the ultimate neutral that can range in color and warmth," Stephanie Sarkies, design director at Pembrooke & Ives. "Benjamin Moore Collingwood is my preferred color for a bathroom. It is a neutral that displays both warm and cool undertones."

For a cozier shade, try Benjamin Moore Ashley Gray. "It's a warmer tone than straight gray that works great for people that don't want a too contemporary of a look," says designer Claudia Afshar. "It brings lots of warmth and depth to the space."

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Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray

Wickham Gray
Benjamin Moore

For a cooler take on gray, try Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray, suggests designer Christina Kim. "Pair it with pale elements like concrete and you get a nice, easy on the eyes chalkiness or pair it with glossy black subway tile for a chic, high-contrast look." Its blue-green undertones also look stunning with natural stone.

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Sherwin-Williams Cotton

2021 Idea House Guest Bathroom
Marta Xochilt Perez; Styling: Page Mullins

This creamy white is as soft as a plush new bath towel. For the 2021 Idea House, designer Sarah Bartholomew painted the guest bathroom in Sherwin-Williams Cotton, giving the space a subtle warmth that pairs beautifully with the hint of pink in the cabinets. This hue is close to pure white, so the white sconces and white penny tile on the floor don't clash with the wall color.

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