Yes, really.

Coffee Grounds for Plants
Credit: Svante Berg / EyeEm/Getty Images

Yes, your plants could use a java jolt, too.

You may want to consider slipping in some brewed coffee or coffee grounds with the H2O next time you're watering your plants, as we recently learned in an article via Apartment Therapy,

"For one, diluted coffee is a great fertilizer for certain plants. Coffee grounds and brewed coffee provide the nitrogen that plants need for growth and stem strength," writes Kenya Foy in the piece. "They can also repel pests like slugs and snails, and attract earthworms, which while creepy, help water to seep deeper into the soil and assist with getting oxygen and aerobic bacteria down to the plant's roots through tunneling." Who knew the secret to healthier plants could be hiding in your kitchen cabinets?

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We promise you don't need to have a green thumb when you've got a bit of creative inspiration — and some leftover coffee grounds.