Keep your new shoes looking that way.

Why is it so hard to keep white things, well, actually white? Your favorite Amazon bedsheets, the fine china your mother passed down, and most certainly your new white shoes—all look wonderfully crispy and snowy at first. It's only a matter of time until even a trusty Magic Eraser and bleach lets you down. For the faded bedsheets, have you heard about laundry stripping? For the yellowed fine china, we've got all the tips. For the dusty, dirty, gray-tinted white sneakers? It's time to hit the tool shed in the backyard.

Cleaning white shoes, when the damage isn't too bad, can be simple. Baking soda and a toothbrush can handle some of the it. However, for extra dirty sneakers in need of a thorough deep-cleaning, you might need the pressure washer. Yes, the tool typically used to clean the porch, driveway, deck, and other hard-to-clean surfaces. 

How To Clean White Shoes
Credit: Getty Images/Tang Ming Tung

When one TikTok user shared the quirky shoe-cleaning technique in action, the transformation was drastic and immediate. It took only seconds to completely strip the sneakers of dirt, stains, and discoloration—much faster than any soak-and-scrub method. The disclaimer: It's important to be very careful when using a pressure washer, as to not injure yourself or others. It's also not advised to wear the shoes while you clean them with the pressure washer, despite what's shown in the video. See it here or below.

Instead, place the shoes on a hard outdoor surface. Using the gentlest setting on your pressure washer (or a low PSI pressure washer), stand over the sneakers and slowly scan the gushing water over the entire exposed surface of each sneaker, being careful to keep the stream away from yourself. Feel free to remove laces to wash in the washing machine, and the soles might require a little extra attention after the initial power-washing—due to often being made of rubber and taking on a majority of the dirt. Allow shoes to dry fully before wearing. 

Your new white shoes are about to stay looking that way.