What to Look for in Smart Washers and Dryers

Secrets to the best game-changing features.

Laundry can be polarizing. There are some who love to throw a load in and know they are getting fresh clothes out soon and there are those who put off doing laundry until they absolutely MUST have clean clothes. Whether you're a spend all day type of person or a little bit throughout the week, there are a few key features you can look for in a new washer and dryer to help make you a laundry pro.

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Front Load

Compared to top-load washers, these powerhouses use less water and energy and are more efficient at removing stains. Plus, stackability means small-space bliss. For more small space laundry room ideas, check out our tips here.

Soil Sensor

Take all the guesswork out of cycle selection: Smart washing machines can weigh your load and even detect the fabric texture to choose the ideal setting.

Energy Cred

An energy certification might increase your machine's price, but according to Energy Star, you'll use 33% less water and save nearly $370 in electricity costs over time.

Steam Setting

Hang up the ironing board! Not only does steam nix wrinkles in a flash, but it can also help eliminate common allergens—from dust mites to pet dander.

Moisture Sensor

Overdrying through timed cycles can wreak havoc on your clothes (and energy bill). This feature automatically stops the machine once moisture is eliminated.

Wrinkle Hero

Not ready to fold yet? Keep your clothes fresh and crease free with a setting that generates quick tumbles that kick in at regular intervals after the laundry is dry.

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