It's so quick and easy.

Cleaning windows and mirrors are one of those chores that can fall to the bottom of the to-do list—forever. When you do get around to doing it, the streaks never seem to end. When you think you're done, there's always a stray streak that shows up and you have to start the whole process over again. It's so aggravating, that back in 2018 nearly 40% of the chore-doing population called it their least favorite household task. Luckily, things are looking up as we've stumbled upon a way to ensure your mirrors are spotless, without having to balance on a tiny step stool.

TikTok user Mai Zimmy (@MaiZimmy) posted a video where she shared a clever way to clean a bathroom mirror. It's quick, easy, and it would work for windows, too. The best part is that all it requires is stuff you probably have at home already. Specifically, a Swiffer Sweeper, glass cleaner, and a microfiber cloth.

This easy cleaning hack starts like your typical window- or mirror-cleaning project by just spraying it down with glass cleaner. Then things get interesting, according to the video. Instead of grabbing paper towels or, if you're my mother, newspapers, to clean the mirror, grab your Swiffer. Cover the head with the microfiber cloth, tucking the corners into the built-in holders on the Swiffer head. Then use the Swiffer to swab down the mirror, erasing streaks with ease. While the video shows how well this trick works on bathroom mirrors, it can also be used to clean your windows, sliding doors, and, according to some TikTok commenters, even your car windows. 

This helpful hack makes that dreaded chore not only easy, but fun. In fact, if you have children around, you may be able to convince them to pick up the Swiffer and pretend to be professional window washers, which is an even better way to get your chores done.