This $4 Dust-Busting Sponge Makes Dusting So Easy That It Keeps Selling Out

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Damp Duster
Photo: Courtesy Scrub Daddy

Dusting belongs to the party of chores that is tempting to put off for more enjoyable endeavors, but always comes back with a vengeance before you're set to have weekend company or to host a friends' gathering. There's not a corner, crack, surface, or baseboard that dust won't find, which is why it's important to find efficiency-boosting tools that make the whole situation less daunting.

When the makers of the acclaimed Scrub Daddy came out with a dusting tool that's meant to tackle dusting in an easier way—called the Damp Duster—shoppers were quick to pounce. So much so that the $4 Damp Duster has continually sold out, again and again. Right now, it's in stock on the brand's site, and it continues to go in and out of availability on Amazon. The appeal? The cost-savvy spongey tool is able to help get rid of dust without making a mess or spreading it onto other surfaces. Here's why shoppers love it.

Simple in construction, the handheld sponge is meant to be used while damp to collect and trap dust. While it comes pre-moistened, it's recommended to dampen each time before use and to rinse debris off with water whenever needed between surfaces. Since it measures around six inches long, it's perfect for many different areas, including baseboards, blinds, vents, railings, mirrors, and anywhere else in need of a clean. Shoppers even noted that it works well for walls and cabinets, as well as to swipe off dirt while dusting at the same time.

Damp Duster
Courtesy Scrub Daddy

To be expected, the Damp Duster won't gather up crumbs or substantial debris, so it's best to give any counter or floor surface a sweep or vacuum beforehand. While the product claims to work without rinsing periodically between surfaces, shoppers recommend giving it a thorough rinse a few times throughout one deep-cleaning session in the house.

If you're looking for a time-saving tool to tackle dust, shop the Damp Duster below.

Scrub Daddy Damp Duster

Damp Duster
Courtesy Scrub Daddy

The sponge comes in multiple colors, if you can snag it while in stock. Luckily, the sponge gets restocked semi-regularly, so keep checking back if sold out.

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