This Woman's Video Went Viral for Showing How Many Washes It Took To Get Her Sofa Clean

The icky part? Yours might need the same.

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Anyone who has any sort of interest in house-cleaning appliances has likely seen or heard about the Bissell. The before-and-after photos by shoppers of the suction-powered carpet and upholstery cleaner in action is engrossing to say the least. (Or just gross, depending on the result.) You can use the tool for other areas in the home as well, including upholstered sofas and chairs that are stained or worn, and one woman found out that—for some furniture—once is not enough. Not even close.

Sofa Cleaning Technique
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A user went viral when she posted a TikTok video about cleaning her secondhand sofa to see how many times it took going over with her Bissell Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner to make it look cleaner, remove stains, and get rid of any bacteria or stench. Upon seeing how dirty the water became after the first round, it was apparent that more cleaning was necessary. Way more. It took five rounds before the water finally started changing from murky dark gray to somewhat clear. The sofa? Transformed in color and (we imagine) hygiene. From there, the cushions took much less diligence to clean thoroughly with the Bissell.

You can watch the original video below.

If trying the deep-cleaning technique for yourself at home, make sure to vacuum first to remove any debris or pet hair. Then, fill the cleaner tank with a deodorizing cleaning solution, either store-bought or homemade. Next, use the appliance to clean the upholstered surfaces, moving slowly to allow the suction to remove dirt, stains, and any grime. Follow with cushions. Finally, allow it to dry fully before use.

This doesn't just go for secondhand furniture, either. If you've had a highly trafficked sofa for years and haven't ever cleaned it, odds are you'll be seeing murky water, too. On that note, just think about fabric car seats! Be cognizant that not all upholstery can handle a heavy-duty cleaner, so always make sure to look at the tag located on the furniture item, which should denote if it is able to be cleaned or if it needs to be professionally done.

Feel free to add this to next season's cleaning list. Just prepare yourself for whatever is hiding in there.

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