Baseboard Buddy
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This Baseboard Cleaner Saves You From Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain Caused By Bending Over

The time-saving tool is worth every penny.
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Cleaning the baseboards is one of those chores that no one really looks forward to. It's a spot that few people even notice, yet it still gathers dust and requires frequent dusting all the same. Whenever it comes time to deep-clean the house, be it for spring cleaning and to ready the home before the holidays, the baseboards are often high up on the list of what needs to be done, but low on the list of what you feel like doing.

The biggest complaint about cleaning baseboards is that it can hurt your back, shoulders, or knees to bend down for an hour or more just to dust and wash all the baseboards throughout the house. If you're trying to do it regularly, it can really take a toll. Luckily, there's a hack for that, and it's called the Baseboard Buddy.

This padded cleaning tool helps you swipe the baseboards quickly without having to bend down. It features a flexible head that swivels to fit any baseboard or molding, and it's able to extend up to four feet to reach extra far or high. You can even dampen the microfiber pads to thoroughly tackle any surface.

The Baseboard Buddy has accumulated over 14,000 reviews on Amazon, most of which commend its time-saving, pain-relieving qualities: "This wonderful mop will save you from working on your hands and knees or getting a step stool to dust above doors. What a fantastic time-saver," says one review.

"I am over 65 and have difficulty getting up and down from the floor. As a result, my baseboards did not get dusted as frequently as the rest of the house. This made it so much easier for me," says another shopper.

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Baseboard Buddy
Credit: Amazon

The Baseboard Buddy

The set comes with one handle and three reusable cleaning pads, and it also works on molding.

BUY IT: $19.99;