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Cleancult Complete Home Bundle
Credit: Cleancult

I've learned a lot this year, including never taking toilet paper and disinfectant supplies for granted. I know I'm not the only one who found herself doing an internet search for how to make homemade soap—or waking up in a cold sweat thinking about what would happen if Publix didn't restock the paper aisle before our last roll is up. Creature comforts, to be sure, but lessons nonetheless. Throughout our time at home, we've been introduced to a great many new retailers who are bound and determined to make our lives just a little bit easier—and maybe even a tad more fun. Enter my latest find: Cleancult, a subscription that delivers nontoxic cleaning essentials straight to my doorstep.

It's as easy as choosing your space (laundry, kitchen, bathroom), bundle, or a la carte refills. The idea behind the method is all about simplifying your routine, and maybe making your cleaning supply cabinet a little prettier too. Start by selecting a bundle or a few refillable containers to start your collection. Each glass dispenser has a silicone sleeve that's offered in a variety of color choices. They're dishwasher safe and should last a lifetime, though if you're ready to part they're completely recyclable. Once you have your dispensers set, you'll just be in it for the refills, which clock anywhere from $4.99 for bar soap to $14.99 for dishwasher tablets.

The Cleancult lineup should cover just about every single one of your cleaning supply needs. I started with a Complete Home Bundle that came with five refillable glass bottles, all-purpose cleaner refill, liquid dish soap refill, liquid laundry detergent refill, and liquid hand soap refill. Four bar soaps, wool dryer balls, and a silicone funnel for refilling all those containers rounded out the delivery. You can currently snag all of that product for $89.99, marked down from its original price of $160.84. Other bundles include a Hand Soap Bundle, Bar Soap Variety Bundle, Complete Home Refill Bundle, and Complete Liquid Laundry Bundle, each of which are offered in a variety of scents. The only question is, how soon do you want to subscribe? Answer: right now.

Cleancult Complete Home Bundle
Credit: Cleancult

Complete Home Bundle

Choose from Classic, Floral, Exotic, or Fruity scent options. You can also take your pick of color for the dispensers' silicone sleeves: Matte Black, Mosaic, Periwinkle, or Off White. It includes everything you need to jumpstart your Cleancult journey, typically with a savings of 30% though you can get the whole bunch for just $89.99 right now.  

BUY IT: $89.99 (regularly $160.84);

Cleancult Refill Bundle
Credit: Cleancult

Complete Home Refill Bundle

Once you've become addicted to getting all of your cleaning supplies delivered directly to your door, just sign up for this bundle. Select from monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly shipments.

BUY IT: $49.99 (regularly $70.92);