Find curb appeal inspiration from this charming Louisiana house plan.Story by Melody Kitchens
Classic Creole Home Illustration
Credit: Illustration: Fritz Kapraun

Architect: David Sheley
Size: 3,200 square feet
Plan Name: Cane River Cottage

Why We Love It
The simple massing and deep, hipped roofline on this West Indies-influenced house mimic Louisiana's original plantation homes beloved for their signature blend of French and Caribbean architecture. Built on a raised foundation to catch every breeze and fronted by a picturesque picket fence, the inviting porch beckons us to come in, sit back, and wave hello to passersby.

What Makes it Work
The home's exposed porch rafters and perfectly placed dormers add a verticality and symmetry that balance the squat roofline. Authentic, sturdy building materials such as patinaed cedar shakes give the new home an instant old-house feel. The creamy white-and-deep green palette is classic but still feels fresh.

The Wow Factor
Instead of designing a typical front entry, David created a sprawling wraparound porch that segues into a back porch through a secondary kitchen entrance on the front left. This door helps connect both porches and eases traffic flow in and out of the kitchen. The cook has an excellent vantage point to keep an eye on the happenings outside.

Only in the South
This true-to-the-region cottage offers everything that a traditional Southern home needs—plenty of space to entertain friends and family and loads of street charm to win over new guests with a big porch, a sidelight-flanked front door, and tall double-hung windows. To create an even more welcoming look, add a lamppost to help guide everyone home.