To create Christmas windows that are merry and bright, we're rounded up a few tips that are sure to make your home extra jolly.

Christmas Window Decorations

The Christmas season is quickly approaching and there are so many decorating to-do's on everyone's list. At Southern Living, we love to deck the halls, and that includes Christmas window decorations. To create Christmas windows that are merry and bright, we're rounded up a few tips that are sure to make your home extra jolly. This Yuletide season, do not forget your Christmas window decorations for a bonus opportunity to let your Christmas spirit shine!

Our three go-to window decorating tips this holiday are garlands, wreaths, and twinkling light – oh my!

1. Wreaths are always a great place to start

Exterior windows can always be decorated with the traditional centered evergreen wreath and red velvet bow and this a safe better for those looking for instant charm. But for a more modern touch, why not change the shape to square and do a chartreuse or egglplant velvet ribbon instead – no fussy bow necessary. On larger windows, or French doors, we also suggest using smaller wreaths but including more. By stacking 2-3 small round [or square] wreaths, you create unexpected height and drama! Again, use a pretty velvet in a chic shade to funk it up.

2. When using, Garland think past your front door and stairwell

Garland is another great Christmas decorating trick – why not use it everywhere. A greenery swag across the tops of your Christmas windows is an unexpected garland touch. Note: it is not necessary to let it go all the way to the floor. Just decorating the tops adds enough holiday window pizazz. Use florist wire to secure everything and for extra Christmas whimsy, hang non-breakable ornaments from fishing wire at varying heights. These will catch the light and make your house sparkle.

3. Add candles galore!

Now that there are so many imitation flame options, candles as a part of your Christmas window decorations are no longer a fire hazard. We suggest using an assortment of varying sized pillar candles to create magical Christmas ambiance in your windowsills. No longer do you need the single Williamsburg candle and your grandmother's candlestick [although this look will always be a classic too]. The more light, the better! Your neighbors will envy your glowing curb appeal. You can also put in all weather lanterns and line your steps or walkway for extra Christmas sparkle.

4. Share the Christmas spirit

For our most festive Christmas elves, pick 2 or 3 of the above ideas, create your beautifully decorated Christmas windows, and share your pictures by tagging @southernlivingmag on Instagram.